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Three Views

On Wednesday my nephew began to exhibit signs of a stroke. Decreased mobility on his right side, inability to remember things. I’ve been thinking about what I looked like that day and trying to reconcile. You see, if you were … Continue reading

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As Old as my Little Finger

As my mother was dying, the tissue and transplant team came to me, asking what they might be able to use of hers. My mother was a thrifty woman, as am I, so I was happy to have this conversation. … Continue reading

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Cutting the Thin Strand – 3 Years On

Three years ago today I posted that Owen and I were separating. We filled out the divorce paperwork last week. At some point, pending administrative failure, my divorce decree will arrive in the mail. I find myself . . . … Continue reading

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Kid Cheryl

I hated winter clothing when I was a kid. I hated being overly warm, I hated the fuss and the bulk and exertion of putting on multiple layers. I hated constantly struggling to shove all my hair under a hat … Continue reading

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Old and New

It’s a mix of old and new. As this time of year ever is. As Christmas ever is. The stockings are wrapped. There are presents under my tree. I have made the cranberry sauce, cooked the carrots, the celery and … Continue reading

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Yellowstone River

The first time I crossed the Yellowstone River it was on the way to a wedding where I met Andy and Christie. I think it was about 2003. Maybe in 2002. I can’t remember, this is what old age is. … Continue reading

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Some years this post comes easily. Some years it is written in June. Not this year. This was written last week. **** This summer as the pregnancy memories in Facebook started showing up, I turned the notifications off, one by … Continue reading

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Granny Grad Student Reflects

I am almost done my first semester. By almost done, I should finish the final paper. It’s 80% written, but I’ve gone and found a bunch more sources, so it’s quite possible I’m going to rewrite it. I’ve taken to … Continue reading

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And a Pot of Habitant

The man my mother was dating, the man I call a sort of step father now, tells me that he uses the day he last spoke to you as a day of reflection. You come to me differently. At the … Continue reading

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I wasn’t lying, although I appreciated the question. I have had a cold for three weeks now. I am an average of 67% mucus, which means that I am constantly sniffling and blowing my nose. My eyes are red. I … Continue reading

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