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Tell me when it gets fun?

This week I figured out how to change the batteries in the number pad on my door. It was far easier than I expected and I was pleased. I went to visit some family. I took the car to the … Continue reading

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Return to Sender

I thought it was the window cat bed. Which I ordered. Because it was $17 on Amazon and maybe it would keep the cat off the chair. Nash likes sitting there because he can watch the birds. I came home … Continue reading

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A Cup of Kindness, yet.

I polished the silver salt and pepper shakers until they shone. Carefully washed the kindness cup. Pulled out the good notepaper and a wrote a note. I explained that the salt and pepper shakers belonged to my grandmother, they had seen … Continue reading

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Ordinary Time

This week is the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Ordinary time is all the time in the Church Calendar which is not Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, or Pentecost. Put another way, Ordinary Time makes up about sixty percent of … Continue reading

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Possibly Not Solved by Numbers

I’m not doing well at the internet dating thing. By not doing well, I mean I’m on week 2, I’ve been on 2 dates and I haven’t found the love of my life. Actually, I haven’t found someone I want … Continue reading

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In Humble Defence of Middle Age

A week ago Friday I posted a status update on Facebook. I was poking fun at being a walking cliche. Instead, I caught hell for daring to call myself middle-aged. I’m serious. Five different people felt the need to tell … Continue reading

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About as Happy

I had this notion, in the last 2 months of trudging, that I would be happy again. It probably wouldn’t come all at once, it might take time, but it would happen. Some of it was based on experience – … Continue reading

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The Sea of Disconnect

I would like to be the person who starts this post with my favourite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt – that most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Except I threw out 5 mostly … Continue reading

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Still Trudging

Get up. Make coffee. Let dog out. Feed cats. Drink coffee. Get dressed. Go to work. Write to do list.  Attend meetings. Send emails. Work through to do list. Go home. Let dog out. Rest for half an hour. Feed … Continue reading

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And a Safety Pin

I crossed the stage this morning, the University conferring upon me the degree of MBA, with all the rights and privileges thereunto.  I shook the right hands, in the right order and did not fall over. Cheered for classmates. Hugged … Continue reading

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