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If you’ve never spent time around a campaign office (and if you haven’t, you should. Everyone should volunteer on a campaign at least once!) E-1 might not make sense. It means the eve of the election. It’s 9pm here in … Continue reading

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140 KM an Hour with Tears in my Eyes

I have struggled with how to start this. The lab results they handed to me. The sinking feeling. When I thought my knees might buckle. I could start with the scene in the kitchen – the part where Christie looked … Continue reading

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All those things that don’t change come what may

Douglas popped in and out of my life. Like many of the adults of my childhood, he moved in an unknown and unknowable rhythm. He’d ring the doorbell, stay for coffee, stay for dinner, stay for the night, stay for … Continue reading

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The Nature of Probability.

When you read that text at the bottom of a poll or survey, which says “19 times out of 20, with a margin of error of 5%, this poll is correct”, it has meaning. If I tell you that 50% … Continue reading

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You Can Have Me

In the middle of contract negotiations last February, I got a call. The people in the room were asking me a question. I pointed at my phone, sort of shrugged and walked out into the break out room. . My … Continue reading

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They wanted to sit outside in the sunshine, so as we walked around the corner I heard myself saying “There are tables around . . . .” Well, there were tables around that corner. 22 years ago. On Tuesday I … Continue reading

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All the Things

I start my next grad degree tomorrow. 17 years after the first time I went to University, I’m going back. It’s a bit strange – they give you the same student ID and I am surprised at how little effort … Continue reading

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I put Missy down on Thursday, on Friday I woke up and there was no dog. For the first time in 20 years, I didn’t have a dog. Gracie does not replace Missy. Missy did not replace Delta, who did … Continue reading

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Living Small

I have no problem with the Buddhist assertion that life is suffering. I say this not in a cynical world weary sort of way. It’s just a statement of fact. Life involves suffering. What I struggled with is the idea … Continue reading

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Not ok and still ok.

It isn’t ok. It will never be ok. And somehow, it will have to be ok. I’m making my way through the idea that some people find their person quickly. For some, it takes longer. And some of us? We … Continue reading

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