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Baz Luhrman rather famously says you should wear sunscreen and that there’s no point in worrying because the real troubles in life will blindside you randomly on a Tuesday at 4pm. At 9:15am on Thursday, before a second cup of … Continue reading

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Good with the Bad

I’ve had three true performance problems in my career as a manager. One was resolved by transferring her, the other two had to be let go. In the latest case, it was blatant incompetence combined with astonishingly poor social skills. … Continue reading

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About 3 years ago I started playing this silly little game on my iPhone, called Pearl’s Peril. I think I started when I was first diagnosed with MS. Someone told me, I read somewhere or I just decided that one … Continue reading

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The dark and the cold and the wind

November, after the time change, is hard for me. I come home in the dark, it’s cold, windy, snowy. 10 years later, I know this. The early part of December? It’s filled with loss. For the first 10 days, I … Continue reading

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But Without the Sword

As I was driving home on Thursday, I listened to an exiled Egyptian Political Satirist and Comedian. Egypt, with all of its turmoil and upheaval, does not exactly seem like a funny kind of place. The current regime in Egypt is … Continue reading

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As Friends

One of my colleagues, having both finished an advanced degree and recovering from breaking her knee has been struggling a bit to find level ground. I have watched, knowing that this will be me. Well, the degree bit and hopefully … Continue reading

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Dear Guy on the Train

Yes, Yes. I know, you were frustrated at the delays, the crowds, the broken speakers which made it hard for us to hear what the driver was saying. I heard you. Everyone heard you. Here’s the thing. You are warm, … Continue reading

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Surplus Women

At the end of the Great War, the British called them the surplus women. They were the more than 2 million women who had no hope of finding a husband because a generation of men lay dead in the fields … Continue reading

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On the Chin

When the fellow I am seeing asked why I did it, the best answer I had was because it was my job. Which is true. I was the delivery manager, I am the project manager, and on my watch someone … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Soup

I have become a fan of the moral philosophy of soup. Oh, I realize you think that I’m crazy. How on earth can there be a philosophy of soup. What is moral about soup? All great philosopher’s write some sort … Continue reading

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