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“Your House”

I went to meet the new owner of my house after all the conditions had been removed and before she got possession. Some of it was that she was moving out of a very tiny condo and was interested in … Continue reading

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Messy Middle

My life is in that liminal space where you are trying to remove all of your personal effects to sell a house, while also trying to integrate an entire existing house into another entire existing house, without bending the rules … Continue reading

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Here I am

So, here I am. Deep in the land of requirements, of stakeholder engagement, of explaining business needs to software developers. Here I am, leading a project to build a knowledge base for perinatal services. Here I am, sitting through the … Continue reading

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Written on the Bone

On the first day of school, taking pictures of the house tweens with their backpacks and the sign (which their father said was silly and which I ignored because you have to have a sign), there was a memory. Memory … Continue reading

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On a Sunny Winter Day

It is just past 1 pm now. I have been in meetings since 9. I was up most of the night with a deployment, snatching some sleep for a few hours from 4 am until 8 am. I am the … Continue reading

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The Problem with Being Technical

I tell people I’m not technical, which is true and not true. Certainly, I wasn’t technical say, 25 years ago. 23 years ago I found touch typing to be impossible. 18 years ago excel was a painful software tool I … Continue reading

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Out of the Corner of my Eye

I bought a new mailbox this morning. I’m restaining my front porch this weekend. Figuring out how to fix a few tiles. Repainting a wall. All of this is part of the not-so-slow whittling down of a list of tasks. … Continue reading

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15 Mins

I am tidy. I realize this more and more as I age. I have particular spots for things and I like things to be orderly. Oh, not perfectly. The hose is still in the middle of the yard from where … Continue reading

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Elegy for Lois

Yesterday was the sort of day that is I will tell you about 2 weeks from now, and I’ll make you laugh when I tell you about it. I’ll use hyperbole to describe the craziness of being in 3 meetings … Continue reading

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At 4 am

The worst of the pandemic for me has happened at 4 am. No matter how often I tell myself that I should pay my brain no mind in the hours between midnight and 6 am, when I wake up at … Continue reading

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