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The Philosophy of Soup

I have become a fan of the moral philosophy of soup. Oh, I realize you think that I’m crazy. How on earth can there be a philosophy of soup. What is moral about soup? All great philosopher’s write some sort … Continue reading

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She sat on the chair in her grad student apartment and she told me about the lecture on Marx and laws she was going to give. I took a picture, although she doesn’t realize it. I was struck by magic … Continue reading

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There’s a Girl

I was standing in line at the hardware store. It turns out that I didn’t have any construction adhesive and was a bit short on 1/4round and trim will go better when you have some. The people in front of … Continue reading

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Not Listening, Not Debating

3 months ago a director in my organization made a lewd remark about my attire. I ought not to have to justify what I was wearing, but I assure you, it was appropriate to the situation. He was senior enough … Continue reading

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Slowly . . . Accidentally

  I’m slowly learning about myself. It’s not deliberate or calculated. It’s a series of accidental observations. It turns out that I like doing yard work. I surprise myself at how orderly I am. I like the process of yard … Continue reading

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I took Anthropology on a lark because it started at 10 am. It was the first time that I realized my idea of what being a woman meant was so bounded by my time, by background and my geography. Political … Continue reading

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In the Middle

Yesterday was a bad day. I cloaked it in gallows humour, jokes about not having time to die. An innocent email to the MS nurse (I have 21 bruises on my legs and arms. I don’t know where they are … Continue reading

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Hers, In Mine

I am on a new medication and it gives me a dry mouth. My solution is to keep a ziploc baggie of scotch mints in my purse. They sit next to the package of kleenex. Which makes me my mother. … Continue reading

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setting the attractions of my good parts aside I have no other charm

I have faults. I’m, uh… easily mesmerized by people who use multi-syllabled words and, um, men who can discuss Tolstoy. Diane Lockhart, Good Wife.  Maybe you have been somewhere and you observed a couple on a date. You have recognized … Continue reading

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In the Window (Staring Back at Me)

A few months ago I drove past the thrift store near my house and my wedding dress was on the mannequin in the window. I suppose this wasn’t a surprise. I had donated it some months previously. I held on … Continue reading

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