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Small Things

They let the MBA students play with lego yesterday. One of our assignments was to envision our lives post MBA and construct something to represent that. So, that’s me. And no, I’m not working as a cashier at a yarn … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes 7:8

When I tell you I am tired, will you believe me? I don’t mean the sort of tired that is solved by getting a good night’s sleep. I don’t mean the sort of weary that can be resolved by visiting … Continue reading

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Turn Right for Hope

  I have made the drive from Edmonton to Victoria more than once. Never on my own. Indeed, the drive was a feature of my married life and Owen drove most of it. On Sunday morning, as I left Aunt … Continue reading

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Everyone needs a nag

I’m sitting at the Nook this morning. It’s owned by a good friend and it’s a handy place to run away to when I need some time and space to focus on something.  I’m a bit invested – I spent … Continue reading

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A funny thing happened on the way to my thesis

On about December 15th, I got my first round of thesis feedback from my advisor. It was good feedback and I set about taking the probably forty hours to combine the feedback, do a bit more research, fix a few … Continue reading

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Lucky Stars

A friend of mine and I talk about nature vs nurture sometimes. He’s a scientist, with the sort of specialization you google and still aren’t sure about. When I ask him genetics questions, I suspect it’s like a five year … Continue reading

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It Came Without Tags, It Came Without Packages

I am typing this by the light of my Christmas tree, with about a quarter of a butter tart sitting on the couch arm next to me. The other three-quarters of the tart are safely ensconced in my tummy. It … Continue reading

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Ten years on, it is a strange thing to celebrate your child’s birth and mourn their death. You receive texts and calls and messages from friends. You are reminded that you do not mourn alone. But you go and live … Continue reading

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The Vortex

At some point your realize the death of your child will be ever thus – a howling vortex of pain and anguish, lasting only a few seconds. Standing on a hill at a summer folk fest, singing along with a … Continue reading

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Like her and . . . Not

I stood in the line at the grocery store, ordering my groceries so they got bagged in a simpler order. I walked through the parking lot, looking at the at the hefty receipt. I was muttering “I’m so glad I … Continue reading

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