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But Not that Kind of Cyclist

When asked about my bike, I tell people that she is a pleasing shade of teal, with a clever wicker basket that I can take into the grocery store and clip back on to the front of my bike. She … Continue reading

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Connected to All the Other Parts

I get an MRI every spring and at the end of each spring neurology appointment, my neurologist offers to show me my scans. Honestly, I don’t especially care. It was cool the first few times, but there are only so … Continue reading

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Not Quite >= Enough >= Too Much

If I close my eyes and really think about what I’ve learned in the failure of 4(!) relationships since I became separated, I’ve mostly learned that I need to cut my losses a lot sooner. You have to be, quite … Continue reading

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Odds and Sods

I do not have Covid, which is exactly as expected. I went, I stood in line, they put a swab up my nose, and 24 hours later I logged into my electronic health record and yep, I had allergies and … Continue reading

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But my Pants Still Fit

I have to go and get a Covid test today. This is partly because we are testing even the asymptomatic here in Alberta, and partly because on Fri-Sat I had a mildly stuffy nose and a sore throat and a … Continue reading

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Mrs. Spit’s Summer Vacation

The last summer in which I did not work full time would have been 1993. I was in grade 8 that year, and I remember I did a summer camp for technical theatre and probably spent the rest of the … Continue reading

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Do you Paint your Nails While you Cut your Loss?

When I got ghosted and then dumped, the dumping came with a “let’s have coffee and talk” sort of thing. I don’t remember exactly what the offer was. I sensibly, to prevent rumination, deleted the text. I said that I … Continue reading

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Back When We Were Babies

I woke up this am and Facebook told me it was my 19th wedding anniversary. Except, well, you know, not really. Christie and I had this conversation. We had it a bit in December, we had it a bit when … Continue reading

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Steve’s Girlfriend Claudia Jean

Last December I met up with my friend the Scotch to exchange Christmas presents and five months later I got a fish. I thought I should tell you about her. When we met in December, the Scotch started telling me … Continue reading

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And a Little More Zen

I will be 42 in about 3 months. Now, I suppose that I might have been zen-ish as a baby (I don’t recall my mother saying that I was a particularly difficult baby). At any rate, the first time I … Continue reading

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