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Deal Gently

Humans, if you were wondering, share about 60% of their DNA with a banana. (This explains a great many interactions, I think). We are a bit more than 60% water. The cost to remake a human, using elements purchased on … Continue reading

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What Can I Tell You

Let’s see: I have an obscure sort of leak from the corner of my house, which only leaks when it rains really hard and the wind comes from a particular direction. Mostly what is frustrating is that this is going … Continue reading

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There is no Rhyme

After almost a week of no anxiety, it reared its head last week. Twice. If you are me, you try and reason your way out of it. You try and sort out what it is that triggered the anxiety and … Continue reading

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But Not that Kind of Cyclist

When asked about my bike, I tell people that she is a pleasing shade of teal, with a clever wicker basket that I can take into the grocery store and clip back on to the front of my bike. She … Continue reading

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Connected to All the Other Parts

I get an MRI every spring and at the end of each spring neurology appointment, my neurologist offers to show me my scans. Honestly, I don’t especially care. It was cool the first few times, but there are only so … Continue reading

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Not Quite >= Enough >= Too Much

If I close my eyes and really think about what I’ve learned in the failure of 4(!) relationships since I became separated, I’ve mostly learned that I need to cut my losses a lot sooner. You have to be, quite … Continue reading

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Odds and Sods

I do not have Covid, which is exactly as expected. I went, I stood in line, they put a swab up my nose, and 24 hours later I logged into my electronic health record and yep, I had allergies and … Continue reading

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But my Pants Still Fit

I have to go and get a Covid test today. This is partly because we are testing even the asymptomatic here in Alberta, and partly because on Fri-Sat I had a mildly stuffy nose and a sore throat and a … Continue reading

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Mrs. Spit’s Summer Vacation

The last summer in which I did not work full time would have been 1993. I was in grade 8 that year, and I remember I did a summer camp for technical theatre and probably spent the rest of the … Continue reading

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Do you Paint your Nails While you Cut your Loss?

When I got ghosted and then dumped, the dumping came with a “let’s have coffee and talk” sort of thing. I don’t remember exactly what the offer was. I sensibly, to prevent rumination, deleted the text. I said that I … Continue reading

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