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Kid Cheryl

I hated winter clothing when I was a kid. I hated being overly warm, I hated the fuss and the bulk and exertion of putting on multiple layers. I hated constantly struggling to shove all my hair under a hat … Continue reading

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Old and New

It’s a mix of old and new. As this time of year ever is. As Christmas ever is. The stockings are wrapped. There are presents under my tree. I have made the cranberry sauce, cooked the carrots, the celery and … Continue reading

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Yellowstone River

The first time I crossed the Yellowstone River it was on the way to a wedding where I met Andy and Christie. I think it was about 2003. Maybe in 2002. I can’t remember, this is what old age is. … Continue reading

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Some years this post comes easily. Some years it is written in June. Not this year. This was written last week. **** This summer as the pregnancy memories in Facebook started showing up, I turned the notifications off, one by … Continue reading

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Granny Grad Student Reflects

I am almost done my first semester. By almost done, I should finish the final paper. It’s 80% written, but I’ve gone and found a bunch more sources, so it’s quite possible I’m going to rewrite it. I’ve taken to … Continue reading

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And a Pot of Habitant

The man my mother was dating, the man I call a sort of step father now, tells me that he uses the day he last spoke to you as a day of reflection. You come to me differently. At the … Continue reading

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I wasn’t lying, although I appreciated the question. I have had a cold for three weeks now. I am an average of 67% mucus, which means that I am constantly sniffling and blowing my nose. My eyes are red. I … Continue reading

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Who Stand and Wait

I can tell you what the problems are. In a very real sense, they aren’t problems. I will roll off this project and it will become someone else’s problem. It won’t get better, but it won’t be my pile of … Continue reading

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Data Points

The night we told the children, I texted my best friend that I didn’t think I could do this. She told me I could. And I did. As I was driving home from Montana, I texted a friend and told … Continue reading

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Mr Rogers

Dear Ben: I will make this apology to you on Sunday night, when I continue reading the adventures of Bad Kitty. It will happen right after I read to your sister from Anne of Green Gables. I will apologize, and … Continue reading

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