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Surplus to Requirements

I’ve never liked Mother’s day. Trying to please a mentally ill mother is no one’s idea of a good time. I did or didn’t become a mother, depending on how you want to define that word. My mother died. I … Continue reading

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I was having a beer with several of┬áthe neighbours, chatting idly about how life has changed since Owen left. I said that I was thinking about getting another dog. Thinking, mind you. Thinking enough to look at Mastiff Breeders, not … Continue reading

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Sometimes you can strike exactly the right note in a blog, so you type it out and hit post and it’s brilliant. Sometimes you can’t. So you turn it over in your head. And you want and need to write … Continue reading

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After 35 it starts on Fire

Aunt Peanuts asked me how dating was going. It’s men on a dating website with no shirts, who can’t spell and think it’s “cute” that you are smart. It’s guys who like “‘humpting and fishing” sending you a message that … Continue reading

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You wouldn’t think they would play “You are my sunshine” at a country concert. Or that it would hit me like that. There were 3 songs that I sang him. What came into my head quite without thinking. We played … Continue reading

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It was the Fill Valve

My toilet is running. It’s been running for almost 2 months. I have considered buying a new toilet because I have installed a new toilet. I know how to do that. It is astonishingly easy. In my head, fixing my … Continue reading

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Narrower Doorways

Ms. Fab came last week while I did my new MS drug infusions. I didn’t ask, she just volunteered. For a week she drove me back and forth, fed me, made me coffee. She told me, in thought, word and … Continue reading

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Take Command

Some years ago I was at a client social event with some software vendors. As so often happened, there were 14 men sitting around drinking, and me. The only woman. The men were talking about their wives. A surprising amount … Continue reading

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And So I Lied

She wasn’t prying. I’m in a medical situation, getting a drug, and she had to ask about my past medical history. Pre-eclampsia, with long-term minor kidney damage and very mild hypertension, the fact they gave me a ton of blood, … Continue reading

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Our Penitence and Our Mortality

I went to Ash Wednesday mass last week. I still don’t know what I feel about the good Lord. I don’t believe what I did. I still like going – I’ve been going to this service for most of my … Continue reading

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