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One of my classes this semester is a SQL database class. At the ripe old age of 42, someone is demystifying the basics of database design, running an SQL query, importing data into a database. I love this class. I … Continue reading

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Stalking Horse

I am swamped at work. I’m running 2 key applications and just got handled a huge chunk of Covid immunization work. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m thrilled, delighted, and proud to do the work (although I do wish my home province … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

Years ago – when my friend Maureen’s boys were little, we met in DC for a weekend. I was there for business and stayed an extra weekend. Maureen, who had lived there years before brought her boys and they showed … Continue reading

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The Lights in the Tree

It was a late August night when the sunset seems to last for hours, and even past the sunset the lights in the tree and the solar lights and the company make another sort of day out of night. It … Continue reading

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Maybe in 5 Months?

I realized that I hadn’t had a period in months. Seven to be exact. I thought about the times I wake up drenched in sweat and throw all the covers off (and positively snarl at poor Mark when he tries … Continue reading

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Places You Can’t Go

It is 3 am on December 10th, and I am awake. Waking up to worry is a near constant part of the pandemic, the stress of my job, perhaps even my nature. Usually I can sleep until 4 am. I … Continue reading

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Hard Things

On the wall, above my bed is the photo that is in the blog header, and printed over it is “You were made to do hard things”. I sometimes think the lesson of 2014 was that I was made to … Continue reading

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Years ago a partner who did not drink watched me pour half a glass of wine down the sink before we went to bed. He said he’d not had a drink in more than a decade but my casual discard … Continue reading

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$50 Sad

The thing about where I live is that on the longest day of the year, it will be light for about 17 hours. Even when the sun goes down, it doesn’t really go down. The flip side to that is … Continue reading

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Expunging Guilt

Dear Universe, I feel guilty. I feel guilty for a thing that is not my fault, but the fact I shall have the benefit of it isn’t fair either. On the 20th of September, I was scrolling through the headlines … Continue reading

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