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Still Trudging

Get up. Make coffee. Let dog out. Feed cats. Drink coffee. Get dressed. Go to work. Write to do list.  Attend meetings. Send emails. Work through to do list. Go home. Let dog out. Rest for half an hour. Feed … Continue reading

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And a Safety Pin

I crossed the stage this morning, the University conferring upon me the degree of MBA, with all the rights and privileges thereunto.  I shook the right hands, in the right order and did not fall over. Cheered for classmates. Hugged … Continue reading

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Turning on the Vacuum Cleaner

I was on a date a few months ago, and I made mention of having a housekeeper. The gent asked why. I would have thought it was obvious, at that point I was working more than full time, going to school … Continue reading

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Spring in  Alberta is a strange time. Every spring, I wait to see what plants have come back and which have died. The time where you can see the remnants of the plant from last year, but you can’t see any … Continue reading

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No, It’s You

In my very first residency for my MBA, one of the instructors, talking about constructing an argument, told the story of where she looked at her friend and said “You know, I’m 45. If an argument doesn’t make sense to … Continue reading

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Boundaries of Absence

It’s a challenge, a double-edged sword. There’s an assumption, implicit, but there, that my personal time and my social life have less value because I don’t have children. There’s an assumption that I can work overtime, stay late, come into work … Continue reading

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Also, My Mother

I am fighting with Netflix. I realize it must look like I am blogging, but what I’m really doing is fighting with Netflix. Also, my mother. I’ve been fighting with my dead mother since Monday at about 8 am. That … Continue reading

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All my Thoughts on Thoughts and Prayers

I’m gearing up for my next round of MS drugs. For those who haven’t been following along, this is where evil pharma shells out $70,000 in compassionate coverage for drugs that my insurance won’t pay for. These drugs are chemo … Continue reading

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Grief Smells Like Tuna Fish

After Gabe died, when I came home from the hospital, I remember eating tuna fish casserole. Alone. I hate tuna fish casserole, I ate it because I could not figure out how to cook and I needed to eat.  I … Continue reading

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While Knocking on Wood, Crossing Fingers, Spitting and Throwing Salt Over your Shoulder

I present myself as a deeply rational person. I work in IT, I believe in science. I’m logical and sensible and not given to flights of fancy. Except for the parts of me that are deeply superstitious. Anna used to … Continue reading

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