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Monstrous Regiment of Women

About this time 3 years ago, I began having mini sort of panic attacks. I didn’t ever get to the can’t catch my breath, I’m dying phase I’ve been at before. Rather, it was a constant sort of dread. I … Continue reading

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Space for Both

The problem (besides all the obvious ones) of being dumped 24 hours before you get laid off is that both of those things are rather monumental and require adjustment and a bit of grief, but different sorts of adjustment and … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Function and a Method

Spoiler alert: I don’t actually know what the difference is. I’m still learning. If I spent last week both hollow and shocked, I woke up this morning and was maybe over the shock. Well, a bit over the shock. I … Continue reading

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Come What May

On Tuesday, when I got the meeting invite I knew, with a sinking sort of feeling, was the meeting where I was going to be laid off, I texted Kuri and told her that Covid be dammed, I needed a … Continue reading

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That’s Three

A week ago Monday, I wound up in Emerg with Sciatica. Then I got dumped. About 3 hours ago, I became unemployed. Look, I’m not going to lie. A big part of my psyche is hiding under my bed and … Continue reading

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Bite Your Lip and Smile

I bought a blue suit for Gabe’s funeral. I had to buy a new suit and not wear an old one, because not only were my pre-maternity clothes packed up, they wouldn’t have fit me anyway. It was, as I … Continue reading

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A Canticle for Atheists

From 1994 to 1997 I recited compline every night while I was at school. Within compline is a part called the Nunc Dimittis, it’s canticle – a portion of scripture that is recited together. Perhaps it was the sheer number … Continue reading

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Nerves and Privilege

I have watched the BLM riots in the US (and our own protests here in Canada) through a haze of pain. I fought the dandelions this weekend, and while my back lawn is dandelion free, my sciatic nerve declared enough. … Continue reading

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Bit by Bit

I continue to survive. I say this because I had a bit of a break down on Friday. Leaving aside the bit where my nephew died and his wife had to sort out funeral arrangements and manage things on her … Continue reading

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No End Date

When the Alberta Covid-19 social distancing measures started, way back on the 13th of March (which was more or less 10 weeks ago, if you were counting), I set up a zoom meeting with friends and former colleagues each Monday, … Continue reading

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