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You wouldn’t think they would play “You are my sunshine” at a country concert. Or that it would hit me like that. There were 3 songs that I sang him. What came into my head quite without thinking. We played … Continue reading

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It was the Fill Valve

My toilet is running. It’s been running for almost 2 months. I have considered buying a new toilet because I have installed a new toilet. I know how to do that. It is astonishingly easy. In my head, fixing my … Continue reading

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Narrower Doorways

Ms. Fab came last week while I did my new MS drug infusions. I didn’t ask, she just volunteered. For a week she drove me back and forth, fed me, made me coffee. She told me, in thought, word and … Continue reading

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Take Command

Some years ago I was at a client social event with some software vendors. As so often happened, there were 14 men sitting around drinking, and me. The only woman. The men were talking about their wives. A surprising amount … Continue reading

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And So I Lied

She wasn’t prying. I’m in a medical situation, getting a drug, and she had to ask about my past medical history. Pre-eclampsia, with long-term minor kidney damage and very mild hypertension, the fact they gave me a ton of blood, … Continue reading

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Our Penitence and Our Mortality

I went to Ash Wednesday mass last week. I still don’t know what I feel about the good Lord. I don’t believe what I did. I still like going – I’ve been going to this service for most of my … Continue reading

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Zen Like

On January 6th I emailed my Neurologist to confirm I wanted to switch my MS Drugs. This morning I got the notification that while the insurance paperwork wasn’t complete, the drug company was covering my drugs anyway. 55 days. I had … Continue reading

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Upon Leaving

This morning I left the house for work. It was moderately cold out and not at all sunny. My neck hurt and I had a busy day ahead of me. I left for work because that’s my job, but it … Continue reading

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Owen moved out on Saturday morning. The truck was full and he was driving away by 10 am. He was moved into his place by noon. I came home from helping out a bit at his place and I sat … Continue reading

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Tempus Fugit

As I age, I realize that there are moments when you watch the end of time. Moments when one thing is passing on to the next when something is ending. The time of one thing ends and another begins. Actually, that’s … Continue reading

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