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If you’ve never spent time around a campaign office (and if you haven’t, you should. Everyone should volunteer on a campaign at least once!) E-1 might not make sense. It means the eve of the election. It’s 9pm here in … Continue reading

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On the Whole of It

There were a number of things that irritated me about this election. Mostly it was how “unCanadian” I perceived it to be. Calling it early and campaigning forever and ever*, it seemed nasty and mean spirited and an attempted triumph … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany

Happy Election Day Canada. Thus ends the longest, most expensive and I swear the most divisive election in Canada’s history. I will cast my vote and then go and watch the polls come in at the boys. Which is about … Continue reading

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Silly Season

It’s election season here in Edmonton. Mostly this means that my phone is taken up with RoboCalls from people I am not likely to vote for, my mail box is full of flyers and candidates show up at the most … Continue reading

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Compassion Has a Definition

I am, in my very heart, a political scientist. It’s not what I do with my day, but it is the sum total of my degree, and the sum total of what I think matters. Political debate is nothing less … Continue reading

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Canada’s Colliding

It was one of those moments where your Canada, the one you interact with on a daily basis, your version of the country you live in collides with another version of Canada, where things aren’t the same. It was simple … Continue reading

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The Canadian government fell on a Motion of ConfidenceĀ 2 weeks ago, and our Governor General requested that the Chief Electoral Officer issue a Writ of Election. Those are probably the chiefest of reasons that I happened to be talking about … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform

A Canadian tells it like it is. . . John Rawls, in Justice as Fairness says that the fair way to choose the societal structures that will serve you is to do so behind a Veil of Ignorance. Effectively, you … Continue reading

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All that is necesary . . . .

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing – Edmund Burke I have just finished reading Jay Bybee’s memo to John Rizzo. Jay Bybee was the US Assistant Attorney General, John Rizzo … Continue reading

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I have been thinking about writing a post about why prostitution is wrong. I have been thinking about the ways I could engage you all in my passion for the subject, in my quest to make a difference for the … Continue reading

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