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You know You’re A . . . When

I should know better. I really should. Everyone tell me, I should know better. When My BIL, whose politics are slightly to the right of, well, everyone I know, posts on his Facebook page, I should just click in the … Continue reading

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They say it’s the third rail of blogging. They say touch it and die. I’ve been thinking about abortion. It’s not the first time. It was a post from a while back on some one’s blog, and another and more … Continue reading

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The Power of Words

Words are my currency. Some use paint, some use music, some use dance, some use humour. I use words. I think that words are powerful. Call me crazy, but I really do think that, over time, the pen is mightier … Continue reading

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A "tax" on me

To quote the words of a song, Mr. Spit and I are above the below, and below the upper -alright. We do well enough. More than well enough, really. Don’t believe me? I turned on my tap to fill my … Continue reading

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This post brought to you by the letters B and E

As in break and enter, into Chez Spit, and make off with a lovely assortment of our consumer electronics. Including my laptop and camera. We are fine, the dogs are fine, the guard lousy and pathetic felines are fine. The … Continue reading

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It is election season, on both sides of the border. As I sit here typing this, I am looking at a McLean’s magazine, with a picture of Stephen Harper(1) holding a baby, and CBC is promising me wall to wall … Continue reading

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My Thought Last Thursday.

George Bush. You’re a feckless thug. (or possibly, that should be “still a feckless thug”) It doesn’t take much courage to insult the Chinese, while standing in Thailand. “America stands in firm opposition to China’s detention of political dissidents and … Continue reading

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Eliot Spitzer Resigned

Anyone else followed this story? Mr. Spitzer was involved in prostitution. Interestingly, he hasn’t been charged, and the information wasn’t publicly released. Spitzer willingly acknowledged his failings, and has now resigned. Now, don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to … Continue reading

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Wow, those federal conservatives

Can apparently resurrect people from the dead. That’s a real skill. No wonder the Liberals keep bowing down to them. Depending on who you believe, Chuck Cadman was offered some amount of money as a bribe an inducement to vote … Continue reading

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