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Reminders –> Dismiss All

I replaced my Mac last week. This is a mostly seamless process, with a few things. (The new mac doesn’t have an ethernet port. That was a startling realization at the office, where we are completely wired!) Outlook spent most … Continue reading

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Firstly – I know I have not posted every day in a long time, and I thank you for bearing with me. Graduate school turns out to be intense. I appreciate having a ready made space to unpack my thoughts … Continue reading

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Taller than I

I took my niece to the 100th anniversary of universal suffrage at the Alberta legislature, and as I stood behind her, with my hands on her shoulders, I joked that I needed to weigh her down. By this time next … Continue reading

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Balls in the Air

There’s a lot to juggle these days, but I am thankful for the juggling all the same.

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Half of the terrible thing happened on Tuesday afternoon. It’s not my story to tell so I shall say no more. I am spectacularly blessed – in this terrible thing – a thing that happened to someone else and I … Continue reading

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I have an ophthalmology appointment today, which is no big deal, except that they are going to dilate my eyes and I won’t be able to see to drive myself home after. Mr. Spit is out of town, so I … Continue reading

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The List

My brother in law, as he is won’t to do, sent me an email telling me my failings. (He does this about once a year. I don’t like it, but I’m used to it). I am, among many other things, … Continue reading

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A Moment of Brightness

I threw out my tube of toothpaste this morning. It was mostly empty and it had tasted funny the whole time I used it. I meant to buy another tube today. I ran out of time. (If you see my … Continue reading

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Birthday Girl

I came into my house on Sunday night, in the complete darkness, wondering where my dogs were, when my friends turned on the light and came tumbling out of hiding places, yelling surprise and happy birthday. From dark into light, … Continue reading

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The Wind in Your Hair

My recollection doesn’t begin here, but like all stories, I will begin at the beginning. My very first 2 wheeled bike was dark green, and it had the sort of brakes that you had to pedal backwards to make work. … Continue reading

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