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Birthday Girl

I came into my house on Sunday night, in the complete darkness, wondering where my dogs were, when my friends turned on the light and came tumbling out of hiding places, yelling surprise and happy birthday. From dark into light, … Continue reading

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The Wind in Your Hair

My recollection doesn’t begin here, but like all stories, I will begin at the beginning. My very first 2 wheeled bike was dark green, and it had the sort of brakes that you had to pedal backwards to make work. … Continue reading

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The Hunter

In which Mrs. Spit muses on the hunter. Continue reading

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Working Life

I got to do kind of a cool thing today. I had to go to the passport office today, to get my passport re-issued, and I got to talking to the passport officer. Now, I was looking around the office, … Continue reading

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Marking Time

I am a time marker. I’m not talking about marking time with a watch, I’m talking about marking seasons, anniversaries. Making connections between what was then and what is now. Trying to spot differences, see changes. Kuri asked how Gabe’s … Continue reading

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This Post is brought to you

By a tired woman, who is filled with crab and shrimp and a mojito, and a brownie sundae with a B-52 coffee. She is slightly tipsy, and has a badly burned finger, where the screaming hot sparkler on her brownie … Continue reading

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In Which Mrs. Spit Takes a Deep Breath

And reminds herself that young people learn responsibility by being given it. I was about to go to bed tonight, when I looked out the window and saw TGND and her friends sitting on the back porch, in the blazing … Continue reading

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The notice for the package arrived on Monday – which is only a bit strange, because the notice of the package that they delivered, indicated that they weren’t delivering my package because of the construction. Today was one of those … Continue reading

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The Yellow House in Calder

I think one of the best things about getting to know people is that you learn to know not just them, but their families. Their stories, who they are, what they are a part of, become part of your life. … Continue reading

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Oh, Good Morning.

I’m not sure if bloggers are allowed to re-post old blogs, like columnists are allowed to re-post old columns, but it so happens that I like the blog from this date last year, and I don’t have one for today, … Continue reading

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