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Nerves and Privilege

I have watched the BLM riots in the US (and our own protests here in Canada) through a haze of pain. I fought the dandelions this weekend, and while my back lawn is dandelion free, my sciatic nerve declared enough. … Continue reading

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Suits and Jeans

Today was the first day of school. I didn’t take a business degree. It bothers me because I feel like there is all this stuff I should know, because I work in business. There’s stuff I know $5 about, and … Continue reading

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Not My Story

I had a post written for today. I wrote it partly on Wednesday night, and partly in the very early hours of Thursday morning, while staring out my hotel window at the skyline of downtown Vancouver. It’s a good post, … Continue reading

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An old house is an exercise in frustration. Nothing is square, nothing is straight. If there is a 90 degree corner in this house, we haven’t found it yet. If such a corner existed, it would be almost temporal in … Continue reading

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Canada’s Colliding

It was one of those moments where your Canada, the one you interact with on a daily basis, your version of the country you live in collides with another version of Canada, where things aren’t the same. It was simple … Continue reading

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Under the Living Skies

I’ve been thinking since I drove back from Humbolt in early June. While I was driving back from Humbolt, I thought about all of the times I have been driving back from Saskatchewan. If you wanted to count, it’s been … Continue reading

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For Debby . . .

In which Mrs. Spit confesses to pride and vanity. Continue reading

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Words of My Mother

My mother always taught me to be polite and not make waves. She also taught me to never, ever be rude or crass. These 2 things are warring in my head. I’m fuming. I tried to ignore it, but frankly, … Continue reading

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A Friend of a Friend

You probably aren’t getting the vaccine for yourself. You are getting it for my mother, who is iummunosuppressed. You are getting it for my co-worker Joy, who is 20 weeks pregnant. You are getting it for wee Ivy that I … Continue reading

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Naked Lady

I don’t think I’ve told you the story of Naked Lady yet, which is both unfair and strange, as she made such a huge impression on me, in the throes of post Gabriel Grief. The story goes like this: Not … Continue reading

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