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Anonymity and Accusation

Some of you will recognize that I am writing about something specific. I will say this, and I will say it once. This place is not the place to discuss what you think is true or not. I want to … Continue reading

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Object Lesson

Mr. Spit and I were driving home from work last night, and on the radio news, we heard a pastor, commenting about a member of his flock killed tragically in North Dakota yesterday. The week before, the congregation had prayed … Continue reading

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Village Children

I actually wrote this a few days ago, and then I got stuck. Because I could identify the many reasons why I thought we should care for others, even when there was no obvious reason for us to do so. … Continue reading

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This blog entry is true, in essence. If it were a magazine, it would have one of those asterisks, with a note that said the names and places were changed to protect privacy. The story is true, but not factual. … Continue reading

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Irises in June

When I was 20, my life took a sudden turn. I graduated high school at the age of 18, really almost 19. I went from a graduating class of 5, to my first biology class, that had 400. I went … Continue reading

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Ode to Joy

As I am typing this, a neighbour’s daughter is in my living room, learning to play Ode to Joy on her school guitar. She started this process in September, and tonight, she is struggling a bit. The base line, she … Continue reading

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I can’t tell you his name, because I signed a confidentiality waiver that was longer than my arm. But, I’ll tell you his story. It was my first week in a new job, and one of the tasks assigned to … Continue reading

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When the Saints go Marching In

My thoughts began with Julia’s eloquent post. I have been thinking for 3 months, while this post has resided in my drafts folder. It came up again today as I spoke to a friend. These are not the sum total … Continue reading

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So, when a casual acquaintance shows up on your front porch, and asks if she can have some water for her dog – she’ll go wait in the school yard, she doesn’t want to be a bother – while she … Continue reading

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Someone asked me if I dreamt about Gabriel. (1) No. And I never did. Truth be told, I don’t dream. Well, I do. My MIL the psychologist assures me that I dream every night. Several times a night. She assures … Continue reading

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