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Something Better

I happened to look back at my early blog posts on Friday and I am struck by the sorrow and grief that weighed me down. I am struck by how very heart broken I was, how heavy the weight of … Continue reading

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The Touch of Friendship

I was driving home from Calgary last Friday, really missing Anna. For all the time I have spent there, including a week sitting around the corner from her old desk, I still miss her. It still seems like she will … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Again

It’s that time again, where I solicit pictures for my fridge. And this year, you will get to hang on the shiny, new fridge. The shiny, new fridge with 2 doors and a freezer on the bottom. The freezer on … Continue reading

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She’s Walking Away

On Friday night, amidst a late conference call, an incipent disaster involving a series of meetings that created more problems than they solved, and the impending arrival of 2 small children, I went to meet my best friend at a … Continue reading

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7th or 9th

Yesterday, as Sys Admin and  I were walking out to lunch, he made the comment that my day seemed like it had been the 9th circle of hell. I said no, it was probably only 6 or 7. Someone went … Continue reading

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Why There is No Blog Today

Did I mention that they make wine in Kelowna? Turns out they do. Turns out I like wine a lot more than I thought I did. A LOT more. It took me 3 goes to log into my own website. … Continue reading

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Off to the Races

No, really. I mean that literally. I’m driving to Kelowna, where it is raining, so that Kuri can run a marathon. Have a great day!

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Happy Birthday to Me. . .

Guess what?  Today is Mrs. Spit’s birthday.  So I have taken over her blog in her honor.  (I am Jen, from Here We Go Again.) The Top Ten Reasons Why Mrs. Spit is Awesome: Number Ten: She is modest.  She … Continue reading

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There was going to be a blog today, I had it planned and everything. Owing to circumstances beyond my control – and the consumption of mountains of amazing potatoes during a pre/post birthday meal – I am in a carbohydrate … Continue reading

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Thinking Woman

When I had coffee with one of my wise women last Friday, I commented that I’m learning to ask myself how I feel. I will see something, and my brain will begin to sound klaxons – whoop, whoop, this should … Continue reading

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