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Monday Miscellany

The correct way to cook bacon. I made bacon for breakfast yesterday morning, and Mr. Spit was heard to complain that it was “slightly overcooked”. Now, this struck at the very core of my cook’s soul, because that bacon, ladies … Continue reading

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Emergency Dessert

So, when we left me on Sunday, I was rifling through my cupboards, producing dessert. This is what I located. That’s the last of my Christmas shortbread (a measure of how desperate I was that I gave that up), some … Continue reading

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Is there a milder word for crises? It’s not a crisis. Maybe a catastrophe. Possibly a calamity. It’s distressing. I have come to adore grits with about a tablespoon of sharp cheddar and some butter mixed in. It’s the very … Continue reading

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Le Sigh

Some weeks ago, my mother phoned me at work. She does this deliberately, I think, knowing I will say whatever she wants because I am numbed into some sort of sensory deprived coma, also what ever I have to do … Continue reading

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Christmas Nibbles

Alright, I’m planning my Christmas baking, and more or less, I realized that all the baking I do is “Canadian”. Butter tarts, Nanaimo Bars, and possibly shortbread (which is Scottish, but whatever). Which makes me wonder. Umm, what do you … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany

Saturday will be spaghetti sauce saturday, because I now have 5 kitchen garbage bags of ripe tomatoes. (Should you be interested, you can find my recipe here) I’m making Shepherd’s Pie to use up the last of the left over … Continue reading

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In Which I Solicit Opinions

Dear Blog Readers: I have decided to mine your brains for information, because my brain is decidedly empty. Completely empty. There is the sound of whistling between my ears. A good stiff breeze, well it will go right through me. … Continue reading

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For Jen . . .

Because there are not now, and are not ever going to be enough words to say thank-you.

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How To Make Spaghetti Sauce

For Jen. This recipe seems to be rather time intensive. You may be able to further refine it, and make it a bit more simple. *********I have to confess, I don’t really have a recipe, but here goes. Order Roma … Continue reading

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Dear Internets: It’s one week from American thanksgiving. Which, ordinarily wouldn’t matter to me, but it seems that I am doing American thanksgiving this year. It all started when we renovated the house (you know the bookshelves you saw on … Continue reading

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