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Princess of Magic

I have come to believe that our pets have their own form of magic. It’s a magic so total, so complete, and so seemingly ordinary that it explains everything. Life is simple to a pet. There are sunbeams, there are … Continue reading

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Tell me when it gets fun?

This week I figured out how to change the batteries in the number pad on my door. It was far easier than I expected and I was pleased. I went to visit some family. I took the car to the … Continue reading

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In Humble Defence of Middle Age

A week ago Friday I posted a status update on Facebook. I was poking fun at being a walking cliche. Instead, I caught hell for daring to call myself middle-aged. I’m serious. Five different people felt the need to tell … Continue reading

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The Sea of Disconnect

I would like to be the person who starts this post with my favourite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt – that most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Except I threw out 5 mostly … Continue reading

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Still Trudging

Get up. Make coffee. Let dog out. Feed cats. Drink coffee. Get dressed. Go to work. Write to do list.  Attend meetings. Send emails. Work through to do list. Go home. Let dog out. Rest for half an hour. Feed … Continue reading

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Guilt and Sorrow and Reconciliation

The women in my family have told a story for generations. It’s a simple story: At some point the Fort of York came under threat from the Iroquois, so the women and children were put on boats because the Fort … Continue reading

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Everyone needs a nag

I’m sitting at the Nook this morning. It’s owned by a good friend and it’s a handy place to run away to when I need some time and space to focus on something.  I’m a bit invested – I spent … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Soup

I have become a fan of the moral philosophy of soup. Oh, I realize you think that I’m crazy. How on earth can there be a philosophy of soup. What is moral about soup? All great philosopher’s write some sort … Continue reading

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She sat on the chair in her grad student apartment and she told me about the lecture on Marx and laws she was going to give. I took a picture, although she doesn’t realize it. I was struck by magic … Continue reading

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Reminders –> Dismiss All

I replaced my Mac last week. This is a mostly seamless process, with a few things. (The new mac doesn’t have an ethernet port. That was a startling realization at the office, where we are completely wired!) Outlook spent most … Continue reading

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