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As Friends

One of my colleagues, having both finished an advanced degree and recovering from breaking her knee has been struggling a bit to find level ground. I have watched, knowing that this will be me. Well, the degree bit and hopefully … Continue reading

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Aspirational Reading

I have enjoyed reading the Slate “Normal” series. Perhaps the virtue of aging is that you realize that you are relieved to be normal. I don’t crave differentiation as validation any more. I know my own failings: a predilection to … Continue reading

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Now Auditioning

Over the years I have perfected the vacation read. This has been difficult, arduous science. Many vacations gave their delight because I picked the wrong books for the setting. A relationship ended because he didn’t understand the importance of vacation … Continue reading

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Words on Paper

I have been meaning to write a reflection of how I feel about reading on an eBook reader. I suppose it’s the sort of thing that I should have written about two and half years ago when I bought my … Continue reading

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A Life in Pages

I woke up two weeks ago on Sunday morning feeling like I needed to clean out my bookshelves. Most of you are probably nodding your head. A few of you, those who know me in real life, or worse yet, … Continue reading

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27 Years

I picked up an old friend on Amazon last night, for a dollar. It doesn’t seem that a series of books which have made such an impact on my life, which have journeyed with me, have been key element of … Continue reading

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Book Me

Ahem. . . This has post has been kicking around, for, well awhile. But, I was doing some Christmas baking, and my mum came for coffee, and now it’s late and my teeth really hurt and I don’t have a … Continue reading

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The Lost Symbol

Dear Mr. Brown: I have to confess, I was a little bit embarrassed that I was looking forward to your book as much as I was. I refused to order it in advance, but really, I did want to read … Continue reading

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The, well, not problem, but the thing about reading a lot is that you often find yourself reading several books at one time. In my case, fiction and non-fiction, at the same time, and then you find yourself making connections. … Continue reading

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Literary Friend and Foe

I’m sure it was November, on the prairies, in my first year of University. It didn’t snow until Christmas that year, I’m sure, and if my memory serves, Bryan and I had broken up, and I don’t think we had … Continue reading

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