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Everyone needs a nag

I’m sitting at the Nook this morning. It’s owned by a good friend and it’s a handy place to run away to when I need some time and space to focus on something.  I’m a bit invested – I spent … Continue reading

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Just How Long

I was walking into the office today, getting into the elevator in the parkade when the woman who was walking in front of me let the door slam right in my face. I opened the door and found myself standing … Continue reading

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Wow. . .

So, Thursday today. Huh. Not super clear about where Tuesday and Wednesday went. One of the things I have been thinking about all week is self-absorption. It seems clear to me that, as a society, we have become spectacularly good … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany

You know those moments where you have a very brief interaction with someone and it doesn’t go quite right, but you also know that by the time you stop and talk about the interaction – with a complete stranger – … Continue reading

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A word

This is a blog about a woman with no children. If you don’t like what I write, I have a suggestion. In the right corner of your screen there is an x. Click it. Close this blog and go elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Dear Fellow Hotel Guest: I noticed your noise and the stench of your cigarette smoke in this non-smoking hotel at about 7pm last night. Now, I realized it must have seemed like the night was young, but frankly my day … Continue reading

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Mixed Company

Last summer, Mr. Spit and I had to take the refuse from the front porch rebuilding to the dump. We rented a truck and figured, while we were at it, we would take the neighbours couch, left to molder at … Continue reading

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The Etiquette Lady

Just in case you were wondering, there is absolutely NO circumstance under which it would ever be acceptable to ask for cash in lieu of gifts at your wedding. None. Don’t even write to me asking about it. The very … Continue reading

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The Etiquette Lady

Has a dreadful head cold. She will return next week. In the interim, cover your mouth when you cough, tidy up your used tissues and STAY HOME if you are sick. that’s all dear readers.

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The Etiquette Lady

Homework:Your homework was to report back on dealing with rude comments. Truly, you all did badly. No one seemed to answer! Really, enough dear readers. Do your homework! This Week’s Lesson – Rude ConversationsIt continually astounds me, the sorts of … Continue reading

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