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All My Thoughts on Marriage

Dear Dean and Rachel: You have asked for all my thoughts on marriage as you get married. I thought very hard I realize, I only have 2 thoughts about marriage. Still, you wanted them, so here they are. While I … Continue reading

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Thin Strand

I’ve often thought that there is a cord that wraps through our lives. It carries our family memories, our passions, who we were, the worries we carry our entire lives. It wraps around us; our relationships they become strands within … Continue reading

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The Table by the Window

When I was 18, in the summer before I started university, I worked as a dishwasher. I credit that job with being the reason I went to university. I have been thinking of a particular memory all day. From the … Continue reading

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I wanna go home

I almost took another job a few weeks ago. It was more money, a kind of interesting challenge and the sort of thing I’d be really good at. I turned them down. It was the right job for a woman … Continue reading

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Jumping Up and Down in Rage

I have a lead foot. Well, it’s not really lead. I feel like maybe I should start there. I don’t have an aluminium foot, barely on the pedal, but it’s not really lead. It’s probably more like stainless steel. I … Continue reading

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Carefully Structured

Mr. Spit happened to drive into work with me this morning. This isn’t a usual thing, we often leave at different times or are in different cities, but it just happened to work out. There was a downside. My life … Continue reading

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I feel like I want to start this story by telling you about going cocktail dress shopping in downtown Vancouver on Tuesday, when I had to move a meeting, and buying not one, but two cocktail dresses, including the last … Continue reading

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There are so many things I would like to tell you about today, but I don’t quite know where to start. 13 years ago, the Mister and I stood in front of our family and friends and we pledged ourselves. … Continue reading

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This Love

A person from my old church posted a video on facebook and it was called “the only video about marriage that every Christian has to watch”. I rolled by eyes but thought I should actually take the time to watch … Continue reading

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Not Your Typical

Mr. Spit and I bought a new car 2 weeks ago. (I know, I’m sorry, I meant to tell you.) We bought the car to go to Costco and the hardware store and drive in the winter. Holly is wonderful, … Continue reading

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