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Come What May

On Tuesday, when I got the meeting invite I knew, with a sinking sort of feeling, was the meeting where I was going to be laid off, I texted Kuri and told her that Covid be dammed, I needed a … Continue reading

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Oh Look, A Cat.

For Mr. Spit, and the rest of you, who found liquidity a challenge: For the others: liquidity is a measure of the ability to generate cash to meet operating expenses, be they expected or brought on by crisis. It means … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

Mr. Spit’s Notice of assessment from CRA arrived. Every year I hold out hope that we will have done some thing wrong, and instead of the paltry return we are getting, we will be amazed and astonished because we are … Continue reading

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The Underwear Index

I had an economics prof. that spent an entire lecture on various forms of, shall we say, odd indexes, linking to the economy. You are familiar with the skirt index, the higher the hemline, the better the economy. Did you … Continue reading

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