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The day Owen moved out, I came home from helping him move and Coda was sitting on the newel post, meowing at me. I told him it was just us now. I had to keep going because he still needed … Continue reading

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Wind of Change

On the 10th of August I held open my front door for someone with two broken legs, and Bean ran out. He didn’t come home again. On the 12th of August, the guy I had been sort of seeing (who … Continue reading

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Upon Leaving

This morning I left the house for work. It was moderately cold out and not at all sunny. My neck hurt and I had a busy day ahead of me. I left for work because that’s my job, but it … Continue reading

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Once In a While

People sometimes ask if I am a cat person or a dog person and I never quite know how to answer. Yes.  In truth I’ve had a mix of dogs and cats since I was about 14, and I really … Continue reading

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Four. The number of posts I have written to publish today. Zero. The number that I will actually publish. Two. The number of posts that while good, reflected someone else’s story. One. The number of posts that I am deeply … Continue reading

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Did I mention?

that there are kittens here? 

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Dear Cats

Dear Felines: It is time for another touching missive ranting screed. This will be short and furious. I cannot emphasize this enough: When I leave my completely homemade – from the pie crust up – lemon meringue pie (that my … Continue reading

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Opposable Thumbs and Furry Slugs

You know, I was worried about what the cats would do if they discovered, viz. Mr. Spit – that you could live without an opposable thumb. Then I saw this. Not so worried anymore. I think we are pretty safe. … Continue reading

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Two Handed Job

This is a phrase that has been bandied about the house since the events of last Sunday. If anything has been made clear, it is the absolute power that the evolutionary advantage of an opposable thumb. We have long joked … Continue reading

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Dear Sick Cat

I am sitting in my office, keeping you company. You can stop meowing at me any time now. . . .

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