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Public and Private

For the most part, you build a sort of scar tissue. On Monday morning, you exhale. Mother’s day is not for me. The only thing Mother’s day does for broken children, ¬†for the bereaved mother and the barren woman is … Continue reading

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And So I Lied

She wasn’t prying. I’m in a medical situation, getting a drug, and she had to ask about my past medical history. Pre-eclampsia, with long-term minor kidney damage and very mild hypertension, the fact they gave me a ton of blood, … Continue reading

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Go home to your families

I was sitting at Starbucks, trying to answer some emails from my family (they get short shift) when Owen texted me. **** I have listened to the Vinyl Cafe for oh, at least 20 years. Long before the age of … Continue reading

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A Year and A Day

I saw my mother alive, awake, talking a year ago yesterday. That was the last time. When I saw her in December she was gone in mind, if not in body. I was around to watch the body go. I … Continue reading

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Spring Thaw

(For context, I realize that October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month, and the day is observed on October 15. I have had very mixed feelings about the social media comments I have seen and have struggled to articulate … Continue reading

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Balancing Roads, Clouds, Balls and Boxes

When Gabriel died, someone gave me the image of grief as a road trip. You drive for several hours, maybe you get half way and have to turn around or stop for a while. This image sort of worked, except … Continue reading

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“I am not sure what the end will look like”

I had dinner with a dear friend, someone I love very much, while I was in Vancouver last week. She has been dealt a series of blows. Horrific, unfair and unreasonable blows, and she is struggling to recover. Indeed, she … Continue reading

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Teleology and Cabbage

One of the virtues of an Anglican based high school education; beyond the ugly kilts and ties, starting each morning with the daily office and an iron clad aversion to cabbage in any form, is a religious education that tended … Continue reading

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The Way Back

A thing I saw over and over while in Tofino: That which seems long and twisty the first time you go through it will be much faster on the way back. The first time we drove up to Radar Hill, … Continue reading

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Between Dust and Water

I read a post a late last week, and the writer made a comment about how she lives between the dust of Ash Wednesday and the Waters of her baptism, and it is a constant tension in her life. The … Continue reading

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