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There was going to be a blog today, I had it planned and everything. Owing to circumstances beyond my control – and the consumption of mountains of amazing potatoes during a pre/post birthday meal – I am in a carbohydrate … Continue reading

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Mumbling and Rumbling

Dear Brain: This is stomach. I just want to make a few points very clear. I would suggest you attract the attention of jaw, teeth (although they are no help these days, I’ll admit) and tongue. Possibly also eyes. And … Continue reading

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Then God Laughed

So, the whole eating less and exercising more has been going pretty well. I’ve managed to come in under my calorie counts every day, and with the exercise, the weight is coming off. It feels really good, which gives you … Continue reading

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Is there a milder word for crises? It’s not a crisis. Maybe a catastrophe. Possibly a calamity. It’s distressing. I have come to adore grits with about a tablespoon of sharp cheddar and some butter mixed in. It’s the very … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany

In which Mrs. Spit muses on hair, cheese and the food of the gods, grits (with plenty of butter). Also, she wants you to know, she didn’t marry her cousin. Continue reading

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