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The Long Goodbye

As I mentioned yesterday, Otto’s house has sold.  Well, sold in so far as we  now have to complete a bunch of paper work and possesion will be in 10 days (Canadian laws around real estate are, well, forgive me … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Otto. I hope there is cake in heaven. We miss you like crazy down here. Take it low and slow, or any way you can get it. Mrs. S.

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She is hanging on the wall, ticking away in perfect time. She tolls the half hour and the hour, warning us of passing time in perfect pitch. Otto’s note, in his own handwriting is still in the bottom, with the … Continue reading

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While I was cleaning out my FIL’s house I did a thing that I am still ill at ease about. On Otto’s kitchen table, off to the side, sort of covered in stuff ,was an electronic audio bible. It was … Continue reading

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The clock had hung on my FIL’s wall for the last 15 years, since his mother (Marie) passed away at the age of 93. According to the note in the clock, in my FIL’s handwriting, the clock was a wedding … Continue reading

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We are home, the car mostly unloaded, things somewhat returned to their places. We have several loads of laundry to do, boxes of papers to sort through, Otto’s mother Marie’s china and crystal to wash and find space for in … Continue reading

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One Last Dinner

We had the service today, one last salute for Otto from the Legion, a few hymn’s, some great memories and a few new stories. (I’m still trying to picture my husband in the middle of a food fight?). And then … Continue reading

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More Northerly

We sent him down the Willow River, the water flowing north, even though it will eventually turn south. The Willow flows into the mighty Fraser River, and the Fraser into the sea. He will stay in his beloved Canada, he … Continue reading

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You Might Need That Someday

I wanted to write a post about my FIL’s typewriter, the one that he used to send me a letter every week when I was in boarding school and how I felt seeing it on his desk, and how I … Continue reading

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What Holds us Together

My brother in law is a bit peeved at me, or at least I suspect he is. Today we planned the funeral, the obituary and the reception afterward. We had to move the funeral to 10, which means that the … Continue reading

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