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Options Analysis

Perhaps it was the whiplash. I grabbed a tea with a friend yesterday at lunch and Gabriel and his death came up. The article – the whiplash as it were – was from a study reported in a national paper. The … Continue reading

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If you could

Jen is organizing a team to walk in the March for Babies, in memory of Gabriel. This is such an unexpectedly kind thing. It is an amazing thing to realize that you are not the only one who remembers your … Continue reading

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Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

Last Thursday, sitting in my hairdressers chair at 5:20 pm, I decided on the spur of the moment to change my hair colour. I have been a red head for most of my life. By 8 pm, I was a … Continue reading

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Perinatal Bereavement

I am sitting in my home office, typing this. I have just worked another 12 hour day, the latest in a long succession of days. It isn’t often that I look around and realize that this office still bears the … Continue reading

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For the first time since Gabriel was born, I am not on blood pressure medication. My blood pressure, without medication, is perfectly normal. There is this weight off my chest. I cannot describe what it is, almost 3 years later, … Continue reading

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I ran on the treadmill last night, watching the moon rise and listening to old Metallica. I was trying, as much as I possibly could, to not think, zone out. I’m not especially good at this not thinking business, but … Continue reading

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Speaking out

For your viewing and reading pleasure (I will point out, I feel really rather awkward doing this) CBC CTV Global CityTV Globe and Mail Edmonton Journal Edmonton Sun There’s probably a few more kicking around, but that’s a good start. … Continue reading

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Your Words

In the back drop of last week was this thing. It’s a thing that has me worrying, fretting, freaking out. I have watched 7 bad action movies in the last 3 days and knit compulsively while trying hard not to … Continue reading

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I heard the word pre-eclampsia for the first time on this day, 2 years ago. I didn’t understand why there was so much activity, I didn’t understand why everyone was so concerned, I didn’t understand the tests, the ultrasounds, the … Continue reading

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Going off the weed

I have had a long standing relationship with DuMaurier. Longer than my marriage, longer than all my present friendships, longer than my relationship with hair colour. DuMaurier, you might say, is one of my oldest companions. I have been smoking … Continue reading

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