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By The Numbers

By the Numbers: The weight a baby needs to be at the Royal Alex to have a meaningful chance of survival: 750g.Gabriel’s weight: 520 grams How many weeks gestation that is: around 26 weeks.When did Gabriel stop developing: 23 weeks. … Continue reading

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Just In case you were interested.

I had my last appointment with the internal medicine specialist today. Who, I have to say, is a stand up kind of woman. After realizing that her secretary had made a mistake, she came in from teaching rounds to see … Continue reading

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When having a baby can kill you – Thoughts on the International Women’s Day

I was reading this (from here), and I again realized that a fluke of birth country saved my life. So, our son was born 15 weeks premature – when I was diagnosed with pre–eclampsia. If you look at the stats, … Continue reading

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