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Maybe in 5 Months?

I realized that I hadn’t had a period in months. Seven to be exact. I thought about the times I wake up drenched in sweat and throw all the covers off (and positively snarl at poor Mark when he tries … Continue reading

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Not Listening, Not Debating

3 months ago a director in my organization made a lewd remark about my attire. I ought not to have to justify what I was wearing, but I assure you, it was appropriate to the situation. He was senior enough … Continue reading

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It was the Fill Valve

My toilet is running. It’s been running for almost 2 months. I have considered buying a new toilet because I have installed a new toilet. I know how to do that. It is astonishingly easy. In my head, fixing my … Continue reading

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Take Command

Some years ago I was at a client social event with some software vendors. As so often happened, there were 14 men sitting around drinking, and me. The only woman. The men were talking about their wives. A surprising amount … Continue reading

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Scared Off

I went on a date the other night. He was a nice guy. (It’s not going anywhere, but it was a fun night).  He commented that I probably “intimidated the hell out of a lot of men”. Which is true. They … Continue reading

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Smile and be Pretty

I get handed the dumpster fires at work. Your train wrecks, car fires, blazing inferno’s? Project over budget, behind schedule? You don’t even know what’s been done? That’s where I shine. I’m good at that. I’ll take your mess and … Continue reading

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The Confidence of a Mediocre White Man

On Wednesday I was drinking scotch in the middle of the afternoon. (Thank beneficent deities I have the sort of career where this is ok. Thank the Scots for making the good stuff and thank the Irish for bottling the … Continue reading

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To Niece the middling on the occasion of her first period Congratulations Honey. Your mum asked me to write abut periods. I thought I would tell you the things that people told me and what I’ve learned about periods in … Continue reading

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The Power of the Patriarchy

I have lots of thoughts on the patriarchy.  In the wake of the cabinet appointees here in Canada and a pregnant MLA in Alberta and all sorts of things. I have lots of thoughts on being a woman in a … Continue reading

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The Voice of My Mother

Once upon a time, I was 20 and I really wanted into a class taught by a Professor at University, who was also a Senator in the Canadian Senate. The class was full, I moaned to my mother, and I … Continue reading

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