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The Patriarchy

I am, for the record, supposed to be reviewing a document for someone, but I thought I would rant instead. I just finished a slide deck and  I made a few changes, but mostly when I got to the end … Continue reading

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The Awkward

I woke up this morning about 6 am – 45 minutes before my alarm was going to go off, with the sense that there might be a problem. My body, as I approach peri-menopause (yes, I am young. We go … Continue reading

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At Risk of Wading Further In

Quick. Close your eyes. I’ll say the word girl. You tell me what you pictured. Was she young? Maybe less than 20? Blonde? Pretty? She wasn’t tough, was she? She wasn’t what you might call formidable? You didn’t look at … Continue reading

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As You Seem So Young

I have a young face, if such a thing can be said to exist. When Mr. Spit and I were first married, me a child-like 22, people occasionally thought Mr. Spit was my father. I am a bit sensitive to … Continue reading

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The World I Want

John Stuart Mill, that very ardent proponent of libertarianism and free speech said “the right of my fist ends where your nose begins”. I suppose the problem is that in this modern age, defining the boundaries of noses and fists … Continue reading

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Up Where They Belong

Last week, as I was walking into my apartment in Victoria at the end of the day, I found myself praying that my roommate wasn’t home All I had been able to think about since noon had been getting this … Continue reading

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Council of Women

Niece the eldest was at dinner on Sunday night, and she was talking about her Human Geography class, and more specifically she was talking about Christy Clark’s Council of Women. Which the class had agreed was unfair unless there was … Continue reading

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And They Danced

I was talking to Mr. California about his daughter, who has decided that princess things are “babyish”. Not quite from the sounds of it, is she at the stage where she packs up her dolls and her barbies and her … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany

In favouring my elbow, I have strained my wrist. Now, I have my arm in a sling and my wrist wrapped. I look like a total idiot. Apparently being visibly injured encourages ever so slightly creepy middle aged men to … Continue reading

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One of my colleagues called me “Honey” yesterday. Not in a nice sort of way, but not necessarily in a bad sort of way. In a way that may have been patronizing, or maybe it wasn’t. It was the sort … Continue reading

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