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14.5 hours. That is exactly how long I had in Edmonton last night. My flight landed at the airport in Edmonton at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. The next flight took off at 7 am this morning. 14.5 hours, if your were … Continue reading

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Reflecting Back at Me

My nephew’s boyfriend was in a car accident on Friday night. He’s OK. The car is . . .  Well, I am afraid the car is not OK, but David is OK and that’s really what matters. We picked him … Continue reading

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A Boy and A Car

On Saturday, nephew the eldest bought a car. Mr. Spit went with him. Nephew the eldest kept apologizing for taking our time. We finally told him to stop it. It was our great good pleasure to do it. And really … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a day of meetings. I had meetings from 10 am until 4 pm. They just didn’t end. I bounced from one meeting to the next. It just carried on and on. Except for my lunch meeting. I met … Continue reading

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Rememberences of Things Past

My nephew, at the ripe old age of 18, does not have a driver’s license. Now, there may be places in the world where you can get away with never learning to drive, but I assure you, Northern Canada is … Continue reading

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Council of Women

Niece the eldest was at dinner on Sunday night, and she was talking about her Human Geography class, and more specifically she was talking about Christy Clark’s Council of Women. Which the class had agreed was unfair unless there was … Continue reading

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