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And a Safety Pin

I crossed the stage this morning, the University conferring upon me the degree of MBA, with all the rights and privileges thereunto.  I shook the right hands, in the right order and did not fall over. Cheered for classmates. Hugged … Continue reading

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I finally have words. ____ My mum used to say that your goals must slightly exceed your grasp, or what is a heaven for? For 610 days I worked on my MBA. I wrote papers, I worked with teams, I … Continue reading

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Small Things

They let the MBA students play with lego yesterday. One of our assignments was to envision our lives post MBA and construct something to represent that. So, that’s me. And no, I’m not working as a cashier at a yarn … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes 7:8

When I tell you I am tired, will you believe me? I don’t mean the sort of tired that is solved by getting a good night’s sleep. I don’t mean the sort of weary that can be resolved by visiting … Continue reading

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A funny thing happened on the way to my thesis

On about December 15th, I got my first round of thesis feedback from my advisor. It was good feedback and I set about taking the probably forty hours to combine the feedback, do a bit more research, fix a few … Continue reading

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I took Anthropology on a lark because it started at 10 am. It was the first time that I realized my idea of what being a woman meant was so bounded by my time, by background and my geography. Political … Continue reading

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Ceterus Paribus

20 years ago September I was sitting in a very large lecture theatre, learning about the laws of supply and demand. The law of demand says Ceterus Paribus, when price increases we consume less of a thing, but if our … Continue reading

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Judicious Application

I was talking to a friend about my financial accounting exam this coming Friday. Mostly I am a bit panicked. There are, I suppose, some who are simply so naturally skilled at accounting, who grasp the concepts so easily that … Continue reading

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Proud As

I failed an MBA class. I’m proud of myself. Well, not for failing the course. That is a bit bewildering. I aced papers in the other class. The class where the papers are marked by the former Dean of the … Continue reading

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Standing in the Same River

I am told that you never stand in the same river twice. I am not sure. Maybe. There are times in this last three weeks that it has felt like the same river. At times like boarding school, large scale … Continue reading

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