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Owen moved out on Saturday morning. The truck was full and he was driving away by 10 am. He was moved into his place by noon. I came home from helping out a bit at his place and I sat … Continue reading

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Tempus Fugit

As I age, I realize that there are moments when you watch the end of time. Moments when one thing is passing on to the next when something is ending. The time of one thing ends and another begins. Actually, that’s … Continue reading

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Keeping Myself Warm

A few weeks ago  I came home from a business trip. I’d had a really good day. I got to do something that I loved, I had fun doing it. I got to teach some people about how to make … Continue reading

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Your Opinion

It’s human to judge. We do it all the time. We take an incomplete set of facts and we make up our mind. Being gloriously human, we then legitimize our judgments by calling them opinions, values or common sense. Don’t tell … Continue reading

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