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While Knocking on Wood, Crossing Fingers, Spitting and Throwing Salt Over your Shoulder

I present myself as a deeply rational person. I work in IT, I believe in science. I’m logical and sensible and not given to flights of fancy. Except for the parts of me that are deeply superstitious. Anna used to … Continue reading

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In Humble Defence

Years ago I was sitting in a church service, and the pastor argued if you were going to marry someone, the best thing you could do was see that person in a very wide variety of situations before you decided … Continue reading

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I like to think of this as progress

When I need to explain to people about how bad I am at dating, I tell them about the job interviewer who kissed me goodnight. (I may have missed something about why we were meeting for dinner) Last night the … Continue reading

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Actually, it’s the starting bit

They left out the starting bit and I am lost. I have summarized the part at the end as having “happily ever after” in a heart. (I think there’s probably a bluebird in there too.) That’s what’s on the last … Continue reading

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Like her and . . . Not

I stood in the line at the grocery store, ordering my groceries so they got bagged in a simpler order. I walked through the parking lot, looking at the at the hefty receipt. I was muttering “I’m so glad I … Continue reading

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Baz Luhrman rather famously says you should wear sunscreen and that there’s no point in worrying because the real troubles in life will blindside you randomly on a Tuesday at 4pm. At 9:15am on Thursday, before a second cup of … Continue reading

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After 35 it starts on Fire

Aunt Peanuts asked me how dating was going. It’s men on a dating website with no shirts, who can’t spell and think it’s “cute” that you are smart. It’s guys who like “‘humpting and fishing” sending you a message that … Continue reading

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