Not a Real Post

I am not writing a real post today because I might have to stop biting my teeth and then I would say. . . things.

And that would be bad.

Or not good.

Or something.

And I desperately need to know how to remove stains from cigarette smoke on linoleum. Any suggestions? (I have tried Mr. Clean, Vinegar, Vim with Bleach, left on the area for 8 hours, Magic Bubbles and Bleach left on the area for 5 hours. I’ve also tried a Magic eraser. It’s around the floor heat registers, and it looks just awful.)

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  1. Needles says:

    Ahhh, something I can help with. It isn’t smoke residue in my opinion. Its the flooring reacting with the heat coming from the ducting. A flooring guy told me that it happened for a while till a certain manufacturer changed formulas. I used to live in a place where one vent had it and the other vent in the room on the same flooring did not.

  2. Carmen says:

    Been thinking of you, and I’m glad you are having sandwiches at the funeral. Not sure how to help with the cigarette smoke. We could only get rid of it here (the smell) after removing the flooring and scrubbing and re-painting walls.

  3. Brown Owl says:

    Hi Mrs. S. Probably not cigarette smoke stains if on Lino.
    It could be age, heat, and sun related. I suggest checking out Shell Busey’s web site.

    Lots of helpful ideas or email/phone him. He is great.
    Keep that lip buttoned. you will only regret it if you don’t.

  4. Nicotine residue is tar mixed with gas borne oils, therefore oil or alcohol based soaps could work, like Murphy’s Oil soap or rubbing alcohol.
    Good luck.

  5. HereWeGoAJen says:

    If none of those things work, then I would say nothing will work.

  6. Melissia says:

    We have a house built in 1902 and encountered a similar problem. What we ended up doing was replacing the register floor covers with ones that were slightly larger, that covered the discolored flooring. (And no ones smokes in our house so it may just be the forced air.) Another solution that we saw which was very nice was where the original wood registers had been trimmed out in new trim that was painted white to match the floor and register cover. It covered up the stained lino and freshened up the entire look of the floor.
    On another note, I just discovered your email in my spam folder so I will wait and send your package when you get home. I know that you have been super busy, but I did not think to look for it there, I just figured you had not had a chance to send it yet, so sorry about the delay in getting your wool out to you.

  7. a says:

    I’m with Jen, above.

    Perhaps a new floor (self-stick tiles?) or a replacement credit when you sell the house?

    Keep holding it in, because in a few days, you’ll be home and it won’t matter any more…

    Good luck…

  8. Dawn from the Frozen North says:

    Sorry, if the stain in Indian Red (to use the Laurentian Pencil Crayon spectrum) it is a reaction between the flooring, the glue and the heat. Peel and stick might be your best bet.

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