Growing In

My yarrow hasn’t died, but it might as well have. There’s a few bits coming up, but not much. It’s really annoying – this yarrow is new, and it replaces the yarrow that kicked the bucket last year. That yarrow had been around for 4 years.I grew that yarrow from seed.

I spent all day in the garden today. Some bits were phutzing, but much of it was just hard work. Digging, pulling, spreading, pruning, cutting. Planting and planing. Tomorrow we are digging up grass and putting in a concrete pad in front of the garage door. This is the stuff I like, good hard work outside.Well, not the concrete, but I like the planting and the weeding and the planning.

At the end of yesterday, I went to the garden centre. The garden centre in the Edmonton area (Holes, for those in the know). It was the strangest experience, to be one of only a few gardeners in the greenhouses – the place was really busy, but there were only a few us, in our grubby clothes, gardening shoes, and dirt under our finger nails. We walk past the petunia’s and pansies, into the perenials. It’s not that we are looking for a particular plant, no we are into cultivar’s now.We know plants on sight, a quick glance tells us all we need to know.

I would not have called myself a gardener – not really. Given the extraordinary evidence to the contrary, that’s a stupid thing to say. But, I wouldn’t have called myself a gardener – just someone who had a garden(s). Gardeners had some mystique. They knew things. Like when to plant and what the weeds look like and how to treat bug infestations. Gardeners know when water and how to get things to grow.

Yet, walking around, dirty, reeling plant names off by sight, I realized something. When I stopped the woman and said “That won’t grow quickly. Why don’t you get this, instead?” – it occurred to me, I’m not merely overly willing to give my opinion, I actually have advice. I can look at plants and tell you where they grow, without reading the notes. I know common and latin names. This garden thing, I’ve picked it up.

(Garden pictures later in the week. When the concrete cures. And the veggie garden is planted. And the compost dealt with.)

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10 Responses to Growing In

  1. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Why don’t you come down here and set up my garden? Right now I have three rosebushes in the corner and that is all.

  2. Mr. Spit says:

    Well, I know that I am not a gardener! A garden worker, sure… but not a gardener. There’s a good reason I don’t weed our 8 different patches of garden – marital harmony!

  3. Hmm, you are a gardening diva, I am a putterer who excels in making good soil w/my compost pile. Thanks for your input on my little patch of paradise, the roses are nicely pruned, the geraniums and African lilies are blooming, and the grass quite lush. I also am planning a stand of tulips for Anna, just need to get my butt to the garden centre or center or whatever you call it.

  4. Gloria says:

    My mother is currently planning my garden…and getting DH to do the digging 😉 Her love my enjoyment!! Maybe I’ll get more into it having my own.

  5. Natalie says:

    You are definitely a gardener. I like to putz around, but I get so frustrated that I don’t KNOW things… I don’t know what I should be planting where, or if it will last, or how it will do in 3 years. We kind of buy things by sight and what we read on the label… and half the time it turns out badly. It must be pretty neat to realize that you carry around all that info with you! So very helpful.

  6. Sharon says:

    I sure could use your help. We have no landscaping and are starting from scratch. My crocus and tulips bloomed this spring, iris and day lilies are up, lilies of the valley and violets are blooming. I’m with you on the perennials ~ they are the only way to go. Looking forward to seeing photos of your gardens.

  7. Heidi says:

    I’ve missed a lot I see!! I’m glad the doggie is doing better, maybe we need to keep the barium in the cupboard? Silly pets.

    I love that you had a wonderful Thursday, you deserve.

    I believe that you are a gardener. I love my gardener friend!!

  8. a says:

    Give the yarrow a chance! It may still pick up…you are far northerly of me, and mine is just getting going. Last week, it was looking a little pathetic. I am not a gardener, but I do know quite a bit about plants, thanks to my MIL.

  9. Jamie says:

    I can’t believe there was a time when you ~weren’t~ a gardener!!

  10. Kristin says:

    Ok, you seriously need to take a trip to NC (room and board offered) and help me whip my gardens into shape.

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