So, work has been a bit busy. Just a touch. In fact, I realized that I had assigned so much potential work to contractors, I was going to have get another one or scale back. There’s just a lot of work.

And, like always when there is a lot of work, I forget things. I was cleaning out my email the other night, trolling for things that I might have forgotten, and I came across an email that I had sent myself, from my work email, with the name Gloria, and a phone number.

Now, I don’t know who Gloria is. I know a Gloria, and this is not her phone number. I don’t know this Gloria. I can’t figure out why I sent myself her phone number. I haven’t been working with a Gloria, I don’t volunteer with a Gloria, I can’t imagine it was someone I met at 3:57 pm on Thursday, August the 5th.

I’m telling you, I don’t know who Gloria is. I honestly have no clue.

And I have been thinking for 2 days now, should I call her? How do you start that phone call? “Umm, my name is Mrs. Spit and I emailed myself your phone number and I don’t know why, and I must have needed to talk to you and I’m sure hoping you know why. Also, have you seen my brain? Is that why I have your number? Do you have my brain? Pretty please?”

So tell me, tell us all, would you phone? How would you start the call?

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  1. a says:

    First, I would do a reverse phone lookup on the number and see if that gave me more information (do they have that in Canada?). Next, I’d just try to remember exactly what happened the day you sent the email and see if you could figure it out. Then, I’d probably just call – if you don’t get an immediate memory jog, you could tell her what you do and see if she knows why you’re calling.

  2. Maureen says:

    I think my curiousity would demand that I do something, otherwise I would keep thinking about it. I would say something like

    “May I speak to Gloria? This is Maureen. Hi Gloria, I just got back from vacation and am returning phone calls on my list.” I would pray that at this point she says something that gives me some sort of clue (maybe it is even a business number and the person who answered gave me a clue if I was really lucky, or maybe her voice would jog something in my memory). If she doesn’t say anything, I would just say something not so intelligent sounding as “Hmm, I’m not sure why you were put on my list of people to call. If you think of a reason please give me a call or I figure out why I will call you back.”

    Good luck! I hate when things like this happen (or when people come up to me talking to me like they know me and I don’t have the slightest clue… although during my college years I would purposely do this to strangers to see their reactions as a source of entertainment… I was a snot)

  3. debby says:

    Mrs. Spit: I have actually done the very thing you’re considering. I have an awful tendency to put numbers on post it notes and then forget why they are there. So I call, and I say, “Hi. My name is: ———–.”Generally speaking, they respond in a way that reminds me why I had their number on a post it note on my computer desk. If not, the second line is: “I feel so foolish, but I have your number on a post it note, and I can’t remember why I did such a thing. I was hoping that could tell me…” Generally they can, but if they can’t, they generally commismerate with me. It’s generally always a nice little visit, and I hang up knowing that I’m not the only ninnypoop in the world.

  4. Kristin says:

    I love Maureen’s idea. I would definitely have to call.

  5. linds says:

    Maybe serenade her with a rendition of “Angels We Have Heard on High”? And then work your way into why you might be calling her? Just an idea. 😉

  6. Ya Chun says:

    You need to clone yourself. As a bonus, one clone will have more time to write funny blog posts! 🙂

    Did you check your blog/FB posts from around that time? Might jog your memory?

  7. Gloria says:

    lol….I was going through my reading list and saw this.

    Are you sure it isn’t one of my numbers??

    I remember you called me at work once or twice from work…..maybe?

  8. Gloria says:

    does it end with 5083?

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