7th or 9th

Yesterday, as Sys Admin and  I were walking out to lunch, he made the comment that my day seemed like it had been the 9th circle of hell. I said no, it was probably only 6 or 7. Someone went after one of my staff yesterday in a meeting, for something that I told them to do, and then there was another problem filled meeting with a colleague who gives away the farm and leaves me to figure out how to feed the animals and bring in the crops. Ordinary work politics and a long week and you know how it goes.

Anyway, it was a rough morning. I just wanted somewhere quiet to sit, so we went to this Vietnemese restaurant (which was good but not as good as Lan’s) and we sat. My phone rang, and I will tell you, I looked at the number and I didn’t recognize it and I won’t lie, I didn’t want to answer. But, because I am a responsible person and a responsible manager I sucked it up and answered it.

It was my hotel. It was my hotel asking me why I had not checked out. It was not a sort of existential question – they really wanted to know. And this was a surprise to me because I wasn’t planning on checking out until today. Not only had they checked me out, and now needed me to come and pack, they had given away my room and did not have another to give me. I had 20 minutes until my next meeting, and I had meetings until 5:30. And, now, apparently, I was homeless.

So, at 1pm, I had informed my colleague of my minor domestic crisis and indicated that I would not be attending his meeting. And I went and packed up. And got on my phone and started trying to get a hold of our travel co-ordinator. Who was out of the office. All afternoon. (Unladylike words came out of my mouth at this point). Then I started phoning friends, and let me tell you all – you realize how many friends you do have when you get offers on face book and in your voice mail of various places to stay. By 4pm I had several beds on offer. As it turns out, it made the most sense to meet Erin for dinner and have her take me home. (Thanks Erin!).

So yeah, sitting on the bench in the restaurant, looking at my phone with a sick feeling in my stomach? 9th circle of hell baby.

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5 Responses to 7th or 9th

  1. Kristin says:

    OMG, that definitely sucks…serious 9th circle of hell stuff. Hope today is 100 % better.

  2. HereWeGoAJen says:

    I hope the hotel did something to compensate you for this! That is absolutely ridiculous!

  3. Mr Spit says:

    I’ve been playing the part of “road-warrior” in our house far longer than you, and I can honestly say, never had that happen to me – that sucks the big one. So glad you found a roof last night – but not nearly as glad that you’re under the same roof as me tonight!

  4. Sarah says:

    If you were here, I’d take you in in a heartbeat!

  5. a says:

    I think it’s time to get out of Calgary!

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