Orient Me

Sys Admin and I were walking over to the new office space yesterday afternoon. For Sys Admin, this is very exciting. It means that he gets a phone and natural light and his very own garbage can. His new desk has enough space that when I’m in Calgary and need a place to sit, I don’t have to sit in what is more or less his lap, to use his phone. There was much excitement. (Also his desk is big enough that there’s space under it for a box of spare things for me, like extra shoes and some pens and some kleenex and throat lozenges, and given the number of times I’ve come down for a few days and stayed for a week, possibly some clean underwear?)

We were walking over, and the directions we had been given indicated that we were to go in to the building and take the south eleavator up to the 3rd floor, and someone would let us in. As we were walking over we ran into the Director we report to, and he gave us further instruction, telling us to take the west elavator.

We were a bit confused.

We came in and looked around, and then commenced bickering.

The eleavator, let us be clear, indicated that it was the west elevator. Said so, right over the doors. Very clearly. Equally clearly, the elevator was on the south side of the building. Now, I’m not talking in a south-west sort of direction, or even south with a hint of west, call it bearing south-south-west. Nope, this elevator was in the south part of the building. You cannot get any more south. It was just straight south.

So, we were standing in the lobby and we were arguing about this. We were arguing about what direction south was, and we were pointing with our arms, and having a discussion, when my phone rang. It was the person who told us to come over (He shall hence forth be known as OptimusPrime). He asked “What we two nerds were up to” then he looked out his window and saw us in the lobby, arguing. I told him that we were arguing about ordinal directions, but we knew we had to take the so-called west elevator.

We got Sys Admin moved over (I even helped carry his stuff) all the while arguing about which direction south was. I have no idea why he was arguing with me, I was (and still am) patently correct. I am a prarie girl, and I darn well know my directions. I know where south is.

Anyway, Optimus Prime walked over to ask us a question later yesterday afternoon, and we had our various electronic devices out with the compasses up, and yes, we were still gesticulating and still arguing about which way south was. This has turned into a bit of a thing, if only a thing because he patently won’t admit that he is wrong and I am right. (No, really, I am totally right. For whatever reason, his samsung tablet is confused about east and west. I don’t know why. I don’t think you should buy samsung tablets if they can’t sort this sort of thing out.)

Last night I met Sys Admin and his wife for dinner. And when he asked if I had any problems finding the place, I shrugged and said no. After all, I had to go south, and then west and then south again. It was really rather simple. If you know what direction south is.

Yep, my new entertainment shall be making the Sys Admin randomly point out the directions of the compass. Because, you know, I take my kicks where I can find them. Also, tonight, I’m going to find the building on google earth, because you can’t argue with google. I’m still going to be so right.

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5 Responses to Orient Me

  1. Neeroc says:

    Blame batman! The elevator is clearly named after Adam West. And of course you’re right. Next time trot him outside and point at the flaming ball in the sky. Are you looking at the elevator and the sun is setting behind it? No? It doesn’t face West.

  2. Heidi says:

    I always have to play Never Eat Sour Watermelon to know which way is which. I will often be giving people directions at The Hotel and say turn right. When they ask if that is East or West my reply is, whichever way right is 🙂

  3. a says:

    Unfortunately, I only know my directions in Chicago, where I can usually mentally locate the giant lake to the east. Otherwise, I can sometimes tell which direction is which, but only outside and with a street map. I have only the vaguest ide of which direction my house faces and I have no idea which end of the building I’m on (even though the afternoon sun blinds us through that one window). I can usually figure it out but I definitely have to think about it.

  4. Jamie says:

    Oooh – you’re like my Dad. You can put him in a box, blindfolded, upside down, under water and he’ll still know what direction he’s facing. He must be terribly disappointed in me.

  5. Kristin says:

    That is funny…and , while I can almost always tell you how to get somewhere, I am bad about knowing where I’m facing compass-wise

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