Been Staring

At this screen for 20 minutes. I got nothing. I’m tired. I spent an emminently romantic valentine’s night in a hotel room, after forking out an unholy amount at the vet’s as a result of Delta’s latest FBI (foreign body ingestion). Hope yours was better.

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5 Responses to Been Staring

  1. Dana says:

    What did Delta eat?

  2. tash says:

    Nope. I ordered Indian food that never, ever showed up. Despite two phone calls to inquire where on earth it was. Thankfully I had agreed to pay cash. At midnight, both of my neighbors cars (they park on the street) got totaled in some freak accident we’re trying to figure out.

    2/14 is my least favorite day on the calendar and yesterday rather reinforced that. I’m sorry yours did too. Hope delta recovers, and your bank account as well.

  3. Ya Chun says:

    That Delta!

    Hm, low key here. Got some cards from each other and relatives. Thankfully, no paper cuts…

  4. a says:

    That actually blows my Valentine’s celebrations away…

  5. Gosh, that’s really sucky on all fronts.

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