There, I fixed it. . .

I was sitting, minding my own business, having just wrapped up grouting the new tile floor, when Mr. Spit came a-thundering down the stairs.

Wait, I did mention, until we either got the plumber or the new taps, we have no hot water? I mentioned that, right? I told you that I was boiling water to wash my face, at my kitchen sink? Not to mention boiling water to do the dishes, because it turns out that my dishwasher uses hot water.

I mentioned this no hot water was hard, also that I will run out of friends with showers?

Anyway, I was sitting minding my own business (thinking about how good a hot bath would feel, if I had a useable bathtub, and oh, yes, hot water) when Mr. Spit thundered down the stairs.

Apparently he was lying in bed, also thinking about the hot water issue. He concluded that we ran into problems when we removed the old taps, and we would be in problems until we had the new taps (I would say in hot water, but, well, you know. . . ) So, why didn’t we just re-hook the old taps?

If you were my neighbour and you wondering why a man dressed in black was rooting around in the garbage behind the garage at midnight, well, now you know.

We have no vanity, but that’s ok. We do have a perfectly servicable vent stack and several zip ties.

We used the zip ties to attach the taps to the vent stack and we used the zip ties to attach the hot water line to the bucket.

Oh, the bucket. Yeah, it turns out the valve that is not a valve is also leaking.

I am, alas, forbidden to show you pictures.This seems unfair. I posit this ingenuity should be shown to the world. This is what 2 university degrees and a certificate in engineering design get you. This is inventive stuff. (In other words, suck it Dr. Lightbody)

There’s a website.

It’s called There, I fixed it.

Look for us on it shortly.

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4 Responses to There, I fixed it. . .

  1. debby says:

    Oooh. That one thing right there should buy Mr. Spit several ‘get out of hot water free’ cards.

  2. HereWeGoAJen says:

    We had no hot water here for a week and a half after we moved in. (We also had no internet during that time period, so you might not remember me complaining about how awful it was.)

  3. a says:

    That’s usually my first response – if it worked before, I should probably just put it back the way it was. Good luck – can’t wait to see you on that website!

  4. trish says:

    FWIW, the last time we didn’t have water (not at all because I forgot to pay the water bill even though the check was written and in my purse for several weeks, no, not because of that at ALL) for a night, I had the genius idea to keep some water in our crock pot on high. We have a pretty large crock pot and the water got REALLY hot, so I could mix it with a little cold water for hand/hair/face washing etc.
    If you do have to turn the hot water back off for a time again, maybe give that a shot.

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