Monday Miscellany

  • Given that the Mr. is installing the medicine cabinet as I type, you would think that this should mean you would have completed bathroom pictures today.
  • You don’t.
  • The photographer (me) is too tired (also why he’s installing the cabinet and not me)
  • I also have to go back to work tomorrow.
  • That doesn’t seem to be quite fair. I was just getting into the swing of this whole vacation thing.
  • How could none of you have ever told me about The Big Bang Theory? I love it! It’s like being at my house. I’m married to a much cuter version of Leonard. (This doesn’t make me Penny, does it?)
  • I now live in a Province that just elected it’s first female premier. I don’t especially like her politics, but I’m excited all the same.
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4 Responses to Monday Miscellany

  1. loribeth says:

    Dh & I LOVE BBT. In fact, he watches the reruns constantly & can quote from episodes verbatim.

    And yay for Alison Redford!! : )

  2. a says:

    Glad to hear that the bathroom is finished before your vacation is officially over!

  3. love BBT, srsly is been TWO weeks already??

  4. HereWeGoAJen says:

    No one has ever told me about the Big Bang Theory either. Is this something I should be watching?

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