Dear Mummy

Dear Mummy:

You throw me the odd piece of popcorn when I look particularly beseeching. Those little people? They hold the bowl at my head level so I can graze at my leisure. Wow mummy! I got almost an entire bag of popcorn. Why don’t you do that?





Also Mummy, I had to go outside last night (which had nothing to do with the entire bowl of popcorn, why do you say such mean things to me?!) and it was raining. Again. My feet got wet. Again.






Mummy, since you are clearly not as magical as I thought you were, maybe the little people could do something about the weather? After all, they were smart enough to give me the entire bowl of popcorn.






PS – Cookies are good. Rollover is better.

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5 Responses to Dear Mummy

  1. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Yes, the entire bowl of popcorn is much better than only a few pieces!

  2. Mr Spit says:

    Yes, if she could talk, that would be what our dog would say.

  3. debby says:

    LOL. That’s why they call it pupcorn, mummy.

  4. a says:

    Hahahaha! You could probably talk the little people into holding an umbrella up for her….

  5. linds says:

    Cute post, love it!! 🙂

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