Monday Miscellany

And wait. . . yes, let me check, yep. Monday Miscellany on Monday! Look at that!

  • I made soy egg nog last night. It was not bad. Not quite as good as the store stuff, but it won’t make my face break out either, so I’ll take it. Now, if I can just get the espresso maker I ordered (it was an award from work) I might even be able to have an egg nog latte without penciling in the acne on my calendar 3 days later.
  • Toby, Mr. Spit and I made it through a 12 hour glucose curve. He’s even still talking to me. At the end of it, I was getting pretty adept at getting blood from his ears. His ears were getting pretty sore though.
  • I got a Christmas knitting project finished (No, I can’t show you because it’s a Christmas present) I also got a harry potter hat and most of the collar on a sweater. I can and will show you both of these because the people I knitted them for don’t read the blog. My hands really hurt and I am fed up with the sweater.
  • On the sweater, you know, the Gloucester coat I have been knitting for 5 million years and doesn’t fit me? Well, it will fit my mother. Guess what she is getting for Christmas?
  • I have a pair of socks, another hat, 2 pairs of mittens and a baby sweater to knit for Christmas still. This is not bad, given that it’s not yet the end of November. Oh, and I have about another 5 inches of the wretched collar for the Gloucester coat to knit. I swear, completely aside from the fact that it’s too large, I am happy to give it up for Christmas because I am utterly sick of the darn thing. I suspect the feeling might be mutual.
  • I still have to buy stocking stuffers. Why are men so hard to buy stocking stuffers for? Do you have any ideas?
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4 Responses to Monday Miscellany

  1. HereWeGoAJen says:

    We always get toothbrushes in our stockings. And someone suggested Sharpies to me when I asked. Maybe a pair of sunglasses? (Matt needs a new pair of sunglasses, maybe Mr. Spit does too.)

  2. Brown Owl says:

    toothpaste! talc (old spice), Tim’s card (loaded not empty), IOUs (i.e. I owe you one hand knit hat!), MWW card (see Tim’s card above), gardening tools! (okay that’s really for you not him), pocket book of brain teasers… or mystery, cd of gregorian chant!

  3. debby says:

    Socks. Small ever useful flashlights that can be tucked in the glove compartment. Magazines can be rolled. I always look for nifty little tools. I got Tim something that was called a puck wrench. He’d never seen one before, but likes it alot. For a motorcycle gang member, you could buy a cap from the maker of his bike. Tee-shirts can be rolled. Etc.

  4. loribeth says:

    I always have more trouble with stocking stuffers for dh & Dad than my Mom (my sister & I trade off on filling Mom & Dad’s stockings every year). In addition to the above suggestions, I find DVDs & CDs handy. Candy, vitamins, those little travel miniatures of shampoo & toothpaste, etc. A tube of Blistex. Crossword puzzle book. Paperback. Does that help?

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