Yesterday I sat down and reckoned a bit. My CAPM exam was Dec. 2, and then I had my VBA course and then I worked for about 2 days, and then I was on vacation.

What this means, more or less, is that I haven’t really been at work in a month, between courses, exams and vacation.

Today won’t be so awful, will it?

I’ll be able to get up in the middle of the night, work without sitting around in my bathrobe and cope without my 2 pm nap, right?


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5 Responses to Today

  1. Mr Spit says:

    Well, a quarter 7 is not quite middle of the night – but it sure is still dark out at that hour of the day!

    Happy New Year! 😉

  2. a says:

    Good luck – missing that 2 pm nap is the killer!

  3. HereWeGoAJen says:

    You can do it! I think you deserve a specialty coffee or something though.

  4. loribeth says:

    I hear ya. Today was my first day back after 17 straight days off, including 8 vacation days, weekends & stat holidays. It was -12C with a -22C windchill (which is cold, at least in Toronto terms, lol) & I was up at 5 a.m., left the house at 6:3o. It was dark then & will be dark when we get back home around 5:45 tonight. I’m surviving, but I’m going to be verrrrrrry tired tonight. :p

  5. Needles says:

    It’s the getting dressed so you are presentable first thing in the day that kills me. Pajamas till after the first coffee (which happens at work) is my preferred routine.

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