The Comfort of a Friendly Face

Invariably, when I paint a room, I pick the colour, I take it home, I tape it to the wall. I put on the first coat, I like it.

Then I paint the entire room. At some point, when I have removed the tape for masking and I’m about to move everything back into the room, I walk in, flip on the light and I hate it.

I look at it and I think “what on earth was I thinking?” I suddenly hate everything about it. It’s too dark, too bright, too saturated, too everything. I am convinced that I have made the stupidest mistake in the world.

Mr. Spit, having seen this phenomenon for 7 years now, refuses to let me change anything. He tells me to live with it for a bit, to see if I start liking it again.

I have, for the record, never continued to hate the paint colour. After about 3 days, I start liking it again. There’s something about a room bare of furniture that just makes it too intense. You start to put familiar things in again and the newness of it is diluted. There are touch points you knew.

Jen, who does not blog, emailed me about a week and a half ago, and asked me if I wanted to meet for dinner this week, my first week in Victoria.

I was thrilled. Rather like the paint, I find by day 3 in a new job, which is 72 hours of trying to find a bathroom and not get lost and remember 40 new names and figure out what my piece of the world is – I find by day 3 I am completely overwhelmed and wondering if I have made the biggest mistake in the entire universe.

Day 3 was obviously yesterday.

And yesterday, as I was looking around and wondering and overwhelmed and homesick and lonely and wondering if I would ever fit in (because let’s be honest, those terrible feelings of first day at a new school are exactly the same as the terrible feelings of new job), I kept telling myself.

Dinner with Jen tonight. There will be a friendly face. Even if you have never met her and don’t know what she looks like, you have corresponded and she’s left comments and she is a friendly face.

At 6:30 last night, she was a very friendly face indeed.

So, I just wanted to say – thank you Jen.

The company was wonderful, the food was great and the comfort was much appreciated.

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6 Responses to The Comfort of a Friendly Face

  1. Reese says:

    Sometimes a friendly person is enough to make the world right again….

  2. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Love blog people! I’m glad you two got to have dinner.

  3. Mr Spit says:

    Given how many compliments your painting efforts have garnered over the years, I’m glad you’re so good at it.

    In the same way, you’ve got talent in your job, whatever you might be doing. Glad you had the chance to meet up with an interwebs person while you’re there.

    That being said, I’ll be looking forward to being a friendly face at the airport for you on Friday night.

  4. Jen says:

    It was completely my pleasure! So lovely to meet you in person. I had a great evening and look forward to seeing you again soon! How great for me that your work brings you to “my” city.

    Stay dry today.

  5. debby says:

    Wow! Now wouldn’t that be a cool thing if everywhere you went, there was someone waiting to meet you! The internets are a grand thing!

  6. loribeth says:

    How nice! : ) And if your travels ever bring you to downtown Toronto, you know you have a dinner companion here too. : )

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