It’s all I thought about yesterday. It’s all I have wanted to think about today. At 11pm tonight I will walk through my front door. I will pet my dogs, snuggle my cats and sleep in my own bed.

Home. A single word and an entire universe.

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4 Responses to Home

  1. a says:

    As my grandfather would say: Safe home!

  2. debby says:

    Working with the Alzheimer’s patients, it always made me a little teary…no matter how lost they were, no matter how much they had forgotten, no matter how deep the confusion, they always remembered one word: ‘home’. And they always remembered that this is where they wanted to be.

  3. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Home is such a nice place to be.

  4. loribeth says:

    There’s no place like it. : )

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