Dear Great

Dear Great Niece or Nephew:

I’ve got your ticket. Your mum thinks you are being coy and maybe you need a bit more time to grow. Me? I know what game you are playing. . .

You, swimming around in nice fluid in a peaceful place, have determined an acceptable number of knitted garments required as tribute before you grace us with your presence.

I apparently have not reached that magical number. Which is ok. Well, sort of at least. I’m your great aunt, and there’s no point in pretending – you had me wrapped around your finger when you were 5 days past conception. You want knitting? You want stacks of it? I’m all over it.

I’m just curious though, what do you think might be acceptable? By my reckoning, you have 3 sweaters, 2 onsies/rompers, 2 hats, a dress, a pink sweater, a mostly hand quilted baby quilt, some hand painted letters for your room, and a few other odds and ends that might have arrived in my briefcase or shopping bag over my travels.

Maybe some books? There’s a children’s bookstore not far from my hotel. I could go and buy you some more books. Your mother said no to the giant bear, so I can’t help you there. Uncle Spit said no to the bunny that matches your brothers, but if the little hockey bear and the orange moose aren’t enough, I could go and buy it for you anyway.

What else? You just have to ask.

Oh, wait. You have to be out here to ask for what you want.

Hurry up already kiddo. This business of waiting on you is getting expensive.

Much love, Great Aunty Spit.

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4 Responses to Dear Great

  1. HereWeGoAJen says:

    I’ve found that you don’t save much after they are born either.

    I’d go with more books…

  2. Needles says:

    I’m a soon to be grandma and all I can add is that the wait is near killing me.

  3. a says:

    I think those infants like to torture the impatient!

  4. how over due is your great nephew? the wait is frustrating -> bear was broken out at 2 weeks past.

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