Living Child Free

It started, as these things often go, simply enough. This woman who reached out to me was not the first, and I do not think she will be the last.

I answer these emails quickly, understanding that the electronic media prohibits me from hearing what comes with them – that faint voice calling the the darkness –

Hello? Hello? Am I alone? Is there anyone here? Can anyone tell me what this place is? Where I might find company?

I understand. It is human at all times to want to know that you are not alone. It is human to want to know that you have company. In the wildest times of our lives, in the darkest, in the times when we are battered and broken, we call out in faint voices, hoping for a voice. I have called out for a light.

Yes. I am here. I’ve been here for a while. I don’t know everything, but I know somethings. You do not have to curse at the darkness. I have a tiny bit of light, and I will share.

Perhaps, perhaps this is what the sort of blogging that I do really is. It is the sharing of my day, but also the sharing of light.

I do not know everything about living without children after yours have died. I know a bit. A very little bit to be sure, but a bit and even the tiniest of bits is more than none.

There is, to the left of the tab called “E-mail Mrs. Spit” a tab called “Living Child Free”.

You are welcome to read it and ask to add things I have missed. You are welcome to share the link around (but I ask you to share the link and not the words).

It is not much – only a tiny bit of light, but in the darkness, only a tiny bit of light is required.

I have a tiny bit of light and I will share.

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10 Responses to Living Child Free

  1. Julie says:

    The light. I cannot emphasize enough how much the continued light of others who have children who died has held my hand, put into words the thoughts in my head and helped me in the last year. I am grateful for your light.

  2. a says:

    What an excellent idea…

  3. debby says:

    But when many small lights come together, what happens next always inspires, always transforms, always takes our breath away.

  4. HereWeGoAJen says:

    Beautiful. That is exactly it.

  5. Andie says:

    What a wonderful way to describe the power of your blog … a light (which needs energy from somewhere – from you, and what sustains you) – and how someone in darkness needs a person to share the light they cannot imagine at that moment.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Just read your Living child free tab. It is so articulate and reflects so much of what the child free not by choice feel and experience. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone on this journey.

  7. Barb says:

    I’m so glad you do this.

  8. Catherine W says:

    Very grateful that you do.

  9. loribeth says:

    Your “tiny bit of light” shines like a beacon, Mrs. Spit. I love your Q&A! Thank you!!

  10. Klara says:

    I like the symbolism of the light too…
    And no, you are not alone.
    There are so many of us… all around the world.
    kind regards from Europe!

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