A Slightly Different View of the World

I am short.

I have come to accept this. I am slightly taller than my aunt, and not as tall as my mother, which is just my lot in life.

I come in at five foot two and three-quarter inches.

I am short.

I will always need a step stool. Things will be too tall for me to reach. It’s just part of my life. It’s a thing I always live with. If I stand on my stairs, one stair up from Mr. Spit, I am just even with his face. Mostly, but not completely.

I am short.

A light burned out in my Victoria bathroom, and I couldn’t reach it, even with the step stool. I would have needed my kitchen chair, and even then. Why do they make ceilings so stupidly high anyway?

Mr. California changed the light bulb. He reached up, sort of stretched a bit, and changed it.

Which left me wondering, what is it like when your view of the world is that different? Is your world different? It seems like when you are a foot taller than me, you must see the world a bit differently?

Are you short? Are you tall? Do you think it changes how you interact with the world?

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11 Responses to A Slightly Different View of the World

  1. Mer says:

    I am 6’4″ in bare feet. I am the tallest woman most people know. It absolutely impacts how I interact with the world, and it always has. It is the first thing people notice about me, it is often a conversation starter, and it is why most people who meet me never forget me. I sometimes envy people who are shorter, not because I dislike my height, but because I clearly live in a world designed for smaller people. Planes can be uncomfortable, cars need to be chosen carefully, pants often have to be ordered online, etc.

  2. a says:

    I am short. Shorter than you (5’1″ on a good day). I don’t particularly care about being short, as there are always stepstools, chairs, desks, or tall people to help me out. Plus, I have no problem getting into small spaces. Like Mer, I have the same problems with things built for average people – cars, pants, etc. My only problem is that since we shrink as we age, I may fade away into nothing…

  3. a says:

    Also, my being short has given the average-to-tall people lots of fodder for jokes at my expense. So, you know, I’m performing a public service, I guess….

  4. Brown Owl says:

    At 5′ 2.75″ you are 4.75 ” taller than Tracie.
    Perhaps not so short after all?

  5. Gloria says:

    Lol. I am 5 3′ and my husband is 6 3′. I often stand on a step stool to be the same (or close to same ) height as him. It always feels so different seeing the world from up there!

  6. Dawn says:

    I am also short, at 5’2″. I figure this gives me the priviledge of not having to dust anything that I can’t see the the top of. If someone taller is bothered by that, then they can grab a dust cloth.

  7. Lisa says:

    I’m shorter than all y’all! 4’11” here. I get elbowed in the eyeball on a regular basis and my view of the world general involves other people’s navels.

    In all honesty, though, people don’t really know what to do with me. I think their gut instinct is to treat me like a child, but their brain keeps reminding them that I’m a grown adult, so this weird uncomfortable do si do ensues. I find it hard to get people to take me seriously a lot of the time (even if I put my best serious face on).

  8. loribeth says:

    I am 5’4 & 1/2″. Dh isn’t too much taller than me. I don’t think too much about my height — I think I’m fairly average — but I know being on the shorter side bothers him. On the other hand, our nephews are both over 6 feet, & that tickles him to no end.

    I didn’t know his mother, but FIL is a tiny little guy, and all the aunts on both sides of dh’s family are tiny. My mother is shorter than me, and one time when was visiting, she joked, “I like being around these people… they make me feel tall.” Partly genetic, of course, but I also wonder whether growing up in the war & post-war years in Italy, when there wasn’t always a lot to eat, had an effect on their growth.

  9. debby says:

    I don’t think about height really. I am short. My husband is the same height as me. I think that it makes much more difference for a man than a woman. When I first met him, he was rather the butt of the jokes in the shop. It didn’t help that he had no self esteem. The first time that I challenged someone for calling him “Timmy”, people thought it was funny. I went to work on Tim. After all these years, no one calls him Timmy anymore. (Although sometimes people call me names I cannot repeat.) It always tickles me to hear Tim on the phone leaving a message. “Hi. This is Mr. H——-.” Being small is not an issue. Feeling small is.

  10. GeekChic says:

    I’m 5’8″ (average for my family). My husband is 6’9″.

    People always comment on my husband’s height and assume that he plays for the local football team (he’s quite muscular). They also assume he’s mean and scary – that would be me. 😉

  11. Neeroc says:

    I’m 5’4″ and maybe enough of a smidge to put me just outside of petite clothes but make ‘regular’ clothes all need to be hemmed. Hubby is somewhere around 6′ and I can always tell when he puts the dishes away as they’re all on the top shelf (seriously people stop using all 8 vertical feet of the kitchen!

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