Up Where They Belong

Last week, as I was walking into my apartment in Victoria at the end of the day, I found myself praying that my roommate wasn’t home

All I had been able to think about since noon had been getting this damn bra off and throwing it into the trash bin and never ever, under any circumstances wearing it again. Making it into my room versus ripping it off just inside my front door was optional.

That’s a long time to spend not focused on more important work questions. There’s something terrible about a day when you are thinking about work problems but really your most pressing issue is an under-wire that is pressing in the wrong place and why won’t this strap stay on my shoulder. It doesn’t help matters when the lace is uncomfortable and cutting in, and the whole bra is a dead ugly beige.

It’s the sort of low grade annoyance that suddenly erupts and you just can’t take it any longer. It’s the sort of thing that starts every day off as a slightly bad day, and it just carries on from there. Life, I will declaim, is too short for uncomfortable underwear.

For years I paid a princely sum to a high end lingerie shop to buy bra’s that fit and weren’t ugly, and while I rued the money, I didn’t ever rue the fit or the style.

I have, well, I have working class breasts. They have been through pregnancies, which will change them, and the effect of 34 years of gravity has not been kind. If I could tell 15 year old me anything, it probably would be a pointed reference to physical activity, connective tissue and a sports bra.

Look – my working class breasts and I have few expectations of a bra. We’d like it to be comfortable. We’d like it to be pretty and maybe even a bit racy since no one will ever see it. We’d like it to keep the right things in, and the wrong things out. We’d like to have a few colour options, and we’d most importantly like it to keep the girls up where they belong without thinking about the appliance that is doing the work.

The money I spent on Saturday? Best money I’ve spent in a long time.

I will loudly proclaim this – put more women in the right bra and a good pair of underwear, and we really would rule the earth.

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7 Responses to Up Where They Belong

  1. Jane in London says:

    This is why I occasionally take myself to Rigby and Peller. My working class boobs deserve the same care as the Queen’s.

  2. loribeth says:

    I need to get some new bras. I won’t tell you how old my current ones are, but it’s been awhile (a LONG while…) & I doubt I am wearing the proper size. There is a fancy-schmancy lingerie shop downstairs that offers fittings, I just may go there. Glad to hear you think it’s worth the price. ; )

  3. Dawn from the frozen North says:

    There is nothing worse than a bra that doesn’t fit…. unless you are wearing a bra that once was wonderful but suddenly the underwire has snapped and it is impaling you.

    Once upon a time, many years ago, I was working in a plant and my bra strap self destructed. I had two options, take the whole damn bra off, or find a safety pin. Trust me, option one was not a good choice…. I was wearing a thin white t-shirt. Option two had me find the supervisor and ask to get a safety pin from the first aid kit. Too bad the female supervisor had the night off and I had to talk to the young guy. He thought he was being funny when he asked me why I needed a safety pin. I bluntly told him that my bra had self destructed and I was about to fall out of it. That shut him up quickly. He quickly scurried off to find a pin. In the end, I used a twist tie with the paper pealed off to hitch my bra together for the rest of the night…. and that was the end of cheap bras in my life

  4. a says:

    There’s nothing that makes you feel better than a properly fitting and flattering bra…

  5. Needles says:

    Right up there with properly fitted shoes.

  6. HereWeGoAJen says:

    I really need to get an expensive bra. I’ve never had one.

  7. Carmen says:

    I spent too many years before my breast reduction wearing ugly bras because it was mostly what was available to me and my income. After surgery I splurged. I only buy bras from a high end boutique. They cost alot. but they fit well, and are sexy. A great bra is worth spending money on.

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