The (not quite) Day of Jubilee

I declared last week, if I passed my PMP exam, today was going to be a day of jubilee. Not a full on dancing sort of day, I didn’t expect a ticker tape parade, but today was going to be the day that I did not do things that I didn’t want to do, if you pestered me I was going to ignore you for the entire afternoon, and when people told me that I did a good job on the exam, I was going to smile and say thank you, and not demur.

I passed my PMP this morning at 11:45am.

I even had a little plan, which involved lunch (Mr. Spit didn’t want to go to lunch, as it turned out) and then maybe a nap and then I had to fly to Victoria, but that was going to be ok, and I would be in about 8pm, so I would go and have a drink by myself (my local friends decided it was too late to come out) and then I was going to propose a toast to myself, and then I was going back to my hotel room and I was maybe or maybe not going to watch Downton Abbey until I fell asleep. I was going to knit, and there was every likelihood that I would finish one sleeve and get a good solid start on the second and that was my little plan.

It was, and I suppose is, a wholly pathetic plan. And you might say that there was no need for a day of jubilee and you might be right, it’s just that I have been doing this whole Project Management Credential thing since September of 1997, and that’s a lot of time.  I finally got my CAPM last year, after I registered for it, not realizing I actually had enough hours to do my PMP.

Anyway, I have been living with this whole thing for 3 jobs, 4 miscarriages, one dead child, about 15 rounds of fertility treatment, 2 employers, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 major renovations and I’m finally done. I was done at 11:45 this morning, and I had been doing this for a long time.

I wanted a bit of a day of jubilee because 5 years ago, my then boss told me this was a waste of time and I didn’t need it and would never be a PM and I wasn’t going to be successful anyway.

As it turns out, it’s 9 pm, and I’m still stuck in the Vancouver airport, and I ate the world’s worst rice bowl and I’m drinking a Tim Horton’s iced cap and thinking about Kuri who swears there is more fat in them than in a big mac, and I spent three and a half hours stuck in the Edmonton Airport, not sure if I was going to get out, but knowing I was screwed if I didn’t because they had oversold the flights tomorrow and I have 5 meetings in Victoria tomorrow.

So, anyway. My day of jubilee was a gin and tonic and 5 minutes with Billy Joel singing Uptown Girl in seat 13C of a jet.

Not exactly what I pictured, really.

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11 Responses to The (not quite) Day of Jubilee

  1. Mr. Spit says:

    Had you mentioned the lunch plan, at least that part of the day could have gone better. :-/ Sadly, a communications breakdown in the car left you without lunch. My bad. 🙁

    You did an awesome job getting through the massive amount of studying for this certification. Mrs. Spit, PMP. Yeah, that’s one for the business cards alright! 😀

  2. Jane in London says:

    Gin is good. Congratulations on the PMP. I’m impressed: I could not be a PM myself.

  3. HereWeGoAJen says:


    And may you have your day of jubilee at a later date.

  4. a says:

    For those of us who work in other fields (and countries), what is a PM? Probably a more descriptive explanation than just the acronym, please! 🙂

    At any rate, Congratulations! Sorry your day of jubilee did not work out as planned. You should probably have a do-over…

  5. Sharah says:


  6. Kuri says:

    Nothing wrong with a little airplane G&T. Congrats.

    (And because I’m quibbler: it’s the syrup and edible oil product that are bad about Iced Capps. If it were just fat, it would probably be healthier. In any case, it’s probably not lethal in occasional, say, annual doses.)

  7. N McInnis says:


  8. Needles says:

    Congratulations!!!!! To your old boss, pbthpbthpbththththththth

  9. loribeth says:

    These things rarely turn out exactly as planned, do they? Oh well — you did it!! Congratulations!! (And correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe in this context, PM = Project Manager, yes?)

  10. Aunt Deb says:

    Way to go! I am so proud of you and all the work you have done. You just keep amazing me and that is really something as I always thought you would do great things. When you get time and are not in an airport make sure you do something special to remember this. Congratulations and Merry Christmas! Love Aunt Deb

  11. debby says:

    Yay for you. Jubilee must be rescheduled! An accomplishment of this magnitude requires a jubilee.

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