Monday Miscellany

  • It’s actually Sunday, so another Sunday another fun and late night sitting at the Vancouver Airport.
  • At least there doesn’t seem to be any risk of fog tonight. I guess that’s something.
  • I don’t think I have any milk in my apartment, which means that I’m drinking my coffee black.
  • I’d not worry, but I may be up at about o’dark thirty because I have to talk to someone about a bid, and he’s in the UK, which means he’s 8 hours ahead of me, and the only time we can make work, maybe is o’dark thirty. I’d complain about it, but he’s writing a bid on his vacation.
  • I’ll try and be better about posting this week. I really have no excuse for last week.

I shall placate you with a view of the Vancouver Airport and 10:41 on Sunday night? Also, yes, that chair would be a lot more comfortable if they fixed the back. . .

Wow! I'm so cool!

Wow! I’m so cool!

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3 Responses to Monday Miscellany

  1. GeekChic says:

    That picture tells me that it’s been a long time since I’ve been in Vancouver airport! I hope that you find a more comfortable chair…

  2. a says:

    Next time, you should load up on some of those portable cream containers that restaurants carry…just in case. Surely they have some McDonald’s or something on the way to your place.

  3. Needles says:

    Why it has that warm and homey look…for an airport. It’s the ceiling that sells it.

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