Monday Miscellany

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. Don’t know what happened to Monday.

  • I cleaned out the garden on Sunday. Things are growing. Mr. Spit laughed at me as I welcomed each plant back.
  • Except for the one rose bush. It’s been sulking for 2 years, since I moved it, and I’m hoping that it has finally decided to give up the ghost. I’m tired of the sulking.
  • Last Monday it snowed and I had to brush off the car. Yesterday it was 30 degrees.
  • Speaking of heat, Mr. Spit came down the stairs on Sunday and announced that we had to move to the “summer heat” protocol. The summer heat protocol is actually distressingly similar to the winter protocol (close all the drapes, leave the windows closed).
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3 Responses to Monday Miscellany

  1. a says:

    If the winter protocol involves closing the drapes, you should invest in better windows. Nothing better than warm sunlight on the frigid days…

  2. debby says:

    Tim is a summer protocol guy. I love having the windows open and a breeze through the house. He kept it closed up tight as a drum until night, when he opened every window in the house.

  3. jlp says:

    Amusingly, “it snowed,” and “it was 30 degrees,” initially gave me the same general impression of the temperature. Yes, I am from the backwards non-metric using land to your south.

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