Monday Miscellany

Dispatches from the crazy cat house. . .

  • Umaibo is home from the vet. With Pills! and a need for Sub-cutaneous fluids! The pill pockets help with the pills, well, as much as they can, but the sub-c fluids are a bit of a challenge.
  • Imagine, if you will, giving a hyperactive toddler, with four wheel drive, an IV when they are constantly wandering around.
  • I suspect that this means Umaibo is well on his way to mending. He’s a very curious little cat.
  • I’m hoping that I can put the baby gate across the door today, so that he can see out the door. He is very curious about the dog-like noises he hears on the other side of the door and looks a bit lonely.
  • It took me almost half an hour to feed the troops last night. 6 animals, 6 different types of food.
  • Between 3 different litter boxes, that took 20 minutes as well.
  • Orestes is still sad cat. He did like the fact that Mr. Spit isn’t home – he slept on his pillow all night, reaching out to bat at my hair every so often.

It is quite clear, should Mr. Spit die, that I will never be a crazy cat lady. It’s just too much work.

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  1. a says:

    6 animals! Is there any room for you to sleep in your bed?

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