Two Handed Job

This is a phrase that has been bandied about the house since the events of last Sunday.

If anything has been made clear, it is the absolute power that the evolutionary advantage of an opposable thumb. We have long joked that the instant the furry slugs figure out their way around this and can feed themselves, we will have to surrender the house and contents and move far away.

It turns out that feeding the cats is a “two handed job”. As is pulling up your pants and tying the plastic bag around your arm for showering. Shaving with an electric razor is one handed, shaving with a blade razor is a two handed job.

It’s been ok – I have worked from home this week so that I am around with my extra and available opposable thumb. Mr. Spit is more than capable and has done his level best to do what he can. It turns out that determination can overcome a lot of the difficulty around not having a fully functioning hand.

Which makes me a bit nervous.

I hope that the cats aren’t watching carefully. They don’t need any tips on coping without a thumb. We’d like to continue to live here, thank you very much.

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6 Responses to Two Handed Job

  1. anonymous says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mr. Spit! It could have been a lot worse.

    You may appreciate this blog, in light of current circumstances. It is amazing what we all take for granted.

  2. HereWeGoAJen says:

    You should probably blindfold the cats. Otherwise I suspect the coup won’t be far behind.

  3. Mr. Spit says:

    Blade-shave is demoted to one-handed this morning, as is tying on a bag for showering – well, one hand and teeth 🙂

    robohand – awesome story for that kid!

  4. GeekChic says:

    I’m glad to read that Mr. Spit is healing and working around is lack of opposable thumb.

    A few years ago, after a stroke, a managed to become fairly adept at managing without the use of one arm and hand (paralysis) and could deal with putting on pants. It just involved a lot of shimmying (is that a word?!) and pre-threading my belts. Hopefully Mr. Spit never has to become quite that adept at one-handed life…

  5. a says:

    Those cats are always watching…be prepared for the revolution. I think you should probably have catnip and toys with feathers.

    Speedy recovery, Mr. Spit!

  6. loribeth says:

    You know, this reminds me, my sister was actually born with the beginning of an extra thumb, attached to her thumb. She had surgery when she was a baby to remove it, and subsequent surgery when she was a bit older. It is slightly larger than a regular thumb, and they put a wire into it so that she can’t bend it at the joint. She calls it her weather vane because when the weather changes, it aches. When we were kids, other kids were fascinated by it, but I hardly think of it these days.

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